Virtual Real Estate Assistant 2013 Top 3 Hiring Questions

virtual real estate assistantRealtors and agents interested in a virtual real estate assistant have more questions than answers these days. Ones that will impact their commissions in 2013. But the trend this year is becoming quite clear the benefit outweighs the investment.

Below are recent questions asked by motivated business owners and our answers…

Q: How will hiring a virtual real estate assistant increase my commissions?

A: For starters, through increased lead generation and follow up. Remember, your next commission check is only a few steps away from being handed over to your competition. But not if you make genuine contacts with more prospects.
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Virtual real estate assistant recruits who specialize in consistent contact with your leads prove their worth exponentially.

real-estate-virtual-assistantQ: Training time is tough. What advice can you provide after we bring on our virtual real estate assistant?

A: Before you hire anyone, we advise reviewing your virtual real estate assistant and their skill set. Get references. Communication abilities are critical. Can they…

  1. Multi-task without meltdown?
  2. Clearly ask difficult questions on their own?
  3. Survive periods of stress?

The more vetting you do the easier your training will be.

Q: What is the hourly wage I should expect to pay?

A: Well, a lot less than industry standards. Too many agents think over-spending translates into better performance. Actually, quite the contrary is what our research tells us.

For a small-to-medium sized office, industry standards are between $15.55- $18.47 per hour. However, because we’ve streamlined the training process through our global network, we can usually cut those rates nearly in half.

The issue you need to consider is management. If you’re already too busy with your daily schedule, overseeing a new-hire will no doubt add to your daily planning. But not if you work with an agency that specializes in the training process for the real estate industry.

Discover more how we train our virtual real estate assistant members.