Watch Live as Aaron Armstrong Masterminds with his VA in the Philippines

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What SHOULD you hire a Virtual Assistant for?

According to Aaron, “Anything that allows your team members to more time to focus on their One Thing without sacrificing client satisfaction.”

Watch Live as Aaron Armstrong Masterminds with his VA in the Philippines!

Client Aaron Armstrong has 6 virtual assistants and $1,475,000 in GCI for the 2013 year. In this short video he shares some of the best practices and short cuts that he’s developed over the years working with Virtual Assistants.

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Most people report that cost is the biggest factor in hiring virtual rather than physical. The idea of having a in-house employee means you must as an employer shoulder cost like computers, desk, phone systems, supplies and when you add the national average of $29.23 an hr. and when you add up all of the cost it can be quite expensive to hire an employee.
Here is a list of the things MyOutDesk’s clients say that a Virtual Assistant does for them on a daily basis.
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