Aaron Shishilla: Marketing Firms Use Virtual Assistants To Scale Up

By: jayson | Updated: October 17, 2022

Guests: Aaron Shishilla, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: August 31, 2021


“I have a day off now!”, is just one of the proclamations made by a very satisfied customer of ours. His name is Aaron Shishilla, and having a real day off is exciting for him because he has two jobs! He’s the Marketing Lead and Owner of WolfPack Advising; a marketing company that Aaron started as a side hustle. His primary gig is that of Marketing Manager at Waypoint Property Inspection, based out of Tampa, Florida. Clearly, he has a lot on his plate, juggling two major roles at two successful and still growing companies. The vision Aaron and his team share are that of empowering businesses with the tools necessary to grow. All while being a thought leader themselves, who uses their experiences to elevate everyone. Basically, both companies he works at are in the business of helping other businesses see calculated, positive results. But what about their own growth? Who’s helping them see successful results? Virtual assistants are.

Aaron had heard about MyOutDesk via word of mouth, from other connections who spoke highly of their experience using our VA’s(virtual assistants). He found himself spending too much time juggling non-dollar-generating tasks while trying to fit in his higher-level responsibilities as a leader in two different marketing roles. This was proving a major speedbump while they were trying to grow the company beyond their local region. It was time to seek assistance from the outside, which led him to follow his colleague’s advice and seek remote help. A little over six months ago Aaron came to MyOutDesk and we matched him with a couple of VA’s hand-picked to help him and his team with those side-tasks that were bogging them down. The experience was immediately satisfying.


“I’m so incredibly impressed because I can say something to her and she knows to take notes, and add it to her guidebook. And the next week she’s on it. And I’m like this is amazing!” 


Aaron is a very organized, and forward-thinking person. So he knew before our VA even started that they would need the proper guidance and toolset to ensure they were set up for success. He took the time to prepare a guide using Google Docs, with a list of tasks, timelines, etc for the VA to use as a reference once they started. This ensured the person we assigned had everything they needed from the get-go, and the support from Aaron to hit the ground running. From there it was just a matter of checking in with them over Slack when necessary. Because our VA’s are educated in the English language, coupled with opposite work hours than ours, it makes for perfect professional synergy. 

Now Aaron and his colleagues have more time to focus on important duties that run the business, like focusing on the service they provide their clients. Meanwhile, our VA has been handling administrative tasks and social media duties. This has been a great help while they expand their brand outside their region, and focus on customer relationships. All while saving money! The average all-inclusive cost of a VA from MyOutDesk is roughly $21,000 a year. Aaron says had they gone with a local specialist to assist them, they’d easily be paying double that.


“There is stuff that you do every day that is repetitive. That you can easily scale, having a VA handling it for you, so that you can focus on something else.”


Aaron Shishilla came to MyOutDesk seeking virtual assistants to help his two growing companies. It ended up being the kind of success for him that just drives us to keep at it. Our mission is to help grow other businesses, be they small and getting started or huge and well established. Your success is our success. So if you’re at all curious about utilizing a VA for your own business scaling, don’t hesitate to reach out. Follow the link below to request a free one-on-one consultation where we’ll evaluate your needs and determine how we might be able to help.


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