Aziz Khatri: Strategies For Commercial Real Estate Webinar

By: jayson | Updated: October 17, 2022

Guests: Aziz Khatri, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: December 17, 2019


Success in real estate requires a plan. A strategy. An accurate understanding of past performance. A realistic vision of the future – along with the ability to make a difference right now.

We’re joined by KW Commercial Trainer & Top-Producer Aziz Khatri to learn about his strategies for success in commercial real estate. Learn from his experience working in real estate from the same perspective as owners & investors – and apply those techniques in your own business to foster growth & boost productivity!

Aziz has been a Real Estate Investment Consultant for most of his professional life and has a strong business and customer service background. He finds that participation with various professional organizations at the local, state, and national levels have given him a unique perspective of the role of a real estate professional, and it has enhanced his ability to offer clients a superior experience.

Aziz has a strong business background gives him the tools required to offer his clients full-service excellence. His contributions to various community organizations and non-profit boards allow him to give back to the community and offer services – both as a real estate professional and a business consultant – to these organizations.