Chris Ronzio: Best Documentation Method For Virtual Assistants & Remote Teams

By: jayson | Updated: October 6, 2022

Guests: Chris Ronzio, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: October, 2019



Today’s teams are mobile and always on the go: so why are your processes & documentation stuck in the 20th century? We’re going to drill down on how to easily document the key parts of your business & effectively delegate tasks to your team – giving you the freedom to focus on high-level tasks crucial to your success!

Tired of playing catch-up with your virtual & remote staff? Having trouble keep everyone organized with team members on the road? Get business out of your brain make your organization easy to scale! Join us for this exclusive webinar with Chris Ronzio, the Founder & CEO of Trainual, as he walks us through how to easily & effectively document & delegate to your team.

Chris is an investor, part-owner, and/or on the board of 5 companies, an Inc Magazine columnist, and the author of 100 Hacks To Improve Your Business. He spent a decade building a national video production company that would net over $3 million and sold that business before turning 25, at which point he started a consulting agency, called Organize Chaos. After working directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs, Chris and his team created the Trainual software tool to help organize small and growing businesses.


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