Chris Smith: The Current State (And Future State) of Real Estate Listings 2019

By: jayson | Updated: October 6, 2022

Guests: Chris Smith, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: 2019


Once upon a time, our CEO Daniel Ramsey had a great talk with the founder of Curaytor; Chris Smith. Curaytor is a website platform that turns listing agents into rockstars by giving them the kind of marketing assets needed to survive in today’s wild real estate market. You may have noticed the prices of homes are going up all over the place.  While some call it a bubble, various experts think it’s a new chapter that’ll last longer than you might expect. As the value of the average home goes up, buyers will typically fall into one of two categories; hesitant to buy because pricetags are daunting, or anxious to buy because investments are smart. And sellers? Well, they always just want to sell! And Curaytor is the secret real estate weapon for agents trying to connect with those sellers.

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