Daniel Ramsey: How To Work With A Virtual Assistant Effectively Webinar

Join MyOutDesk CEO Daniel Ramsey as he discusses how to work effectively with virtual assistants in this exclusive webinar


Speaker: Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: September 16, 2020


Map out an effective & organized LAUNCH strategy for virtual assistants in your business — take advantage of the 17+ years of knowledge that MyOutDesk has to offer.

  1. How to integrate a VA into an existing team
    (Communication tips, Frequency, Tools)
  2. Training Methodology
    (Play-Pause-Do framework, VA Standard Operating Procedures, Developing the capacity to do more)
  3. Cultural Differences
    (Virtual vs. Physical Work Culture, Advantages of a more global team)
  4. Common mistakes to avoid
    (Task, Project & Time management)

All this is covered in our best-selling book Scaling Your Business With Virtual Assistants