Daniel Ramsey: Re/Max Professionals Panel

By: jayson | Updated: October 6, 2022

Guests: Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: 2019


“Like it or not,” asks Daniel Ramsey, “NAR says that we spent 45 hours to close one real estate transaction. If you could leverage some of this, how many more transactions could you do?

It’s a tremendously powerful question because successful real estate agents & brokers often forget to delegate time-consuming tasks to subordinates, leaving them holding the bag on busy work. The more successful you become, the more you’ll need to delegate, and in this presentation, we’ll show you how.

Last week, Daniel Ramsey was invited to speak at Nate Martinez RE/MAX Professionals headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Nate is a 30+ year veteran of real estate who owns a 3-office brokerage and closed 2,400 sales last year in transaction volume. As a member of the RE/MAX leadership team, Nate’s expertise is valued by the corporate franchise to help agents & brokers implement best practices in their offices across the country – and one of Nate’s recommendations is hiring a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

Why MyOutDesk virtual assistants? “If you double down on the things that matter,” says Daniel, “That’s how you drive & grow a business. Now, I know how busy you guys are – you’re out there taking listings & taking names. So we do the busy work for you & tee up somebody specific to what your needs are – so they can do it just like you want them to do it.”

MyOutDesk is the real estate industry’s #1 provider for virtual assistant staffing, with over 15 years of experience, serving more than 7500 clients and employing over 4000 Virtual Assistants, including half of RealTrends™ Top 10 teams.

Learn how to put leverage to work in your real estate business, MyOutDesk Virtual assistants! Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session to learn more.