Daniel Ramsey: Shelter In Place Webinar

By: jayson | Updated: October 14, 2022

Guests: Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: March 18, 2020


Nobody knows remote work like MyOutDesk. Watch this exclusive webinar event to give you complete, step-by-step instructions to take your business remote!

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This week, California implemented a “Shelter In Place” policy, locking down the Bay Area to everything but essential businesses. Washington State has done the same, closing restaurants, bars, gyms, and schools – with other states soon to follow. Make no mistake: for most businesses, this will be a forced transition to a virtual/remote work environment, so prepare now for a smooth, seamless transition!

MyOutDesk has thousands of clients & virtual assistants across the world working in a virtual environment, giving us 13 years of experience in virtual & remote workplace environments – and in this exclusive, upcoming live webinar, we’re going to be walking you through EXACTLY how to take your business remote during the COVID-19 crisis.

This must-watch webinar event is presented as a community service by MyOutDesk to help you prepare, transition, and keep your business going during our current economic uncertainty.

What You’ll Learn In This Webinar

  • How Remote Work Differs From In-Office Work
  • Fundamental Steps To Get Setup To Go Remote
  • How To Prepare Your Employees Mentally
  • How to Prospect & Hold Sales Calls Remotely
  • How to Avoid Client Cancelations (Key Objection Handlers)
  • Beginning & End Of Day Productivity Reports
  • Voip Vs. Traditional Phone Systems, What To Use & How To Setup
  • Remote Video-Conferencing Software: What To Use, When & How To Use It
  • Team Chat Software: How To Effectively Setup & Manage A Team Chat Environment
  • Personal Communications Solutions: Facetime, iMessage, Skype & Messenger
  • Remote Documents & Signatures: Docusign, FedEx & More
  • Remote Productivity: Time Blocking, Managing Family & Work Responsibilities)
  • Naming Conventions For Share Files & Folders
  • Productivity (Time Blocking, How To Manage Your Time)
  • File Sharing Solutions for Remote Teams
  • Important Checklists, Guides & To-Do Lists
  • Using ScheduleOnce For Meeting Management
  • How To Run A Virtual Meeting
  • Task Management Solutions To Stay Organized

In Chinese, the word “crisis” means danger + opportunity. In today’s market, agile businesses will adapt to new rules & challenges of the remote workplace & rise to the top of the market, while brick & mortar competitors continue to struggle & lose market share. Which of these would you prefer to be?

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Virtually any professional services business can go remote: from real estate to telemedicine. The question is how to do it quickly & effectively.