Danny Griffin: Plan, Execute & Achieve A Strategic Real Estate Marketing Plan

By: jayson | Updated: October 5, 2022

Guests: Danny Griffen, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: November 2, 2019


Make your real estate business plan a game worth playing with Danny Griffin, the Founder of the Realty Classroom. In this special webinar, he shares three essential strategic plans for success and helps you develop a solid framework for real estate with proven Marketing, Follow-Up, and Measurement Plans.

Your marketing plan can be as simple or as complicated as you wish regarding how you get your leads and what platforms you use. It can be as simple as increasing and counting your daily personal interactions. Finding a way to bring up real estate and handing out your business card is a good start. However, online marketing should be a part of your integral plan. You can begin with a simple website with your information and develop a strategy to bring leads to your site.

One of the channels you should also consider is social media, such as Facebook. This social media platform has evolved and can be leveraged to extend your reach for a small amount through the years. Posting ads, hold events, and reaching your target audience has been made easier through Facebook, not to mention measurement tools available within the platform that help you determine what content is worth pushing. Your marketing plan is what you use to glean your “raw materials,” which are your leads, and the sources can be infinite if you strategically map out how and where to get them.

Lead Follow-Up

After you’ve gathered your leads through your marketing activities, you now need a plan on how to reach out and create your follow-up plan. One phone call is not enough. We all know that in nurturing your leads, consistency is key. You need to figure out your strategy to create a solid follow-up plan that will convert your leads into clients. You can reach out to your pool of leads; initially, what is important is just going out there and doing it.

You want to avoid missed opportunities. Send emails, text messages, and reach out via Social Media. This way, you do not only build relationships, but you also open the door to referrals. Inside sales agents can play a pivotal role in this process. Having people consistently following up and reaching out to your leads is extremely valuable. It does not take many people, but it takes people who will do a lot of the right things. A prospecting real estate virtual assistant is one great option for less upkeep and optimum results.


Finally, a must-have is a strategic measurement plan. In many real estate businesses, this is where we fall short. Essentially, you need to know how your efforts have translated financially. You need to be able to gauge what is working and what needs improvement. A great way to get started is always to ensure that you have an end-of-year income statement.

Danny suggests that regardless of the size of your business, invest in hiring a professional bookkeeping agency, also hire a CPA to give you tax advice. This is probably the most important money you will ever spend. Once everything is accounted for, you will measure the effectiveness of your other strategies and tweak what needs tweaking. The better your strategies are, the more effective your systems become, the easier it is to build your overall strategic management plan.

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