David Parnes: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

By: jayson | Updated: October 6, 2022

Guests: David Parnes, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: 2019


David Parnes of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is one of the Top Team Leaders in the country. In this conversation, he shares his tips on grabbing great listings and becoming a wildly successful Top Real Estate Team Leader with our CEO/co-founder Daniel Ramsey!

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David says being on TV has been great exposure for his business, but it all boils down to hard work and perseverance at the end of the day. He has built a fantastic team, and together, they work hard towards making their business successful. He has a great connection with his team, and they have great chemistry, their work ethic is, and that is what has brought them to the point they are at.

Because there are thousands of agents in LA, David and his team have had to be creative with their business and marketing strategies. They started with basic methods like door-knocking and the like but eventually, they connected with developers. By building good relationships with them, David and his team were able to find a niche, and they excelled in that niche. By staying on top of trends in homes, figuring out what people want and looking for, and relaying this to developers, he and his team can sell properties and sell people what they want.

David says it’s just a matter of having conviction and being present for your clients and really guiding them through the process as best as you can and working hard. Frankly, it’s just working really hard and just staying on top of your workload and being organized, and it can be done because they are doing it.

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