Maren Kate: Virtual Assistants Leverage Your Talents and Time with Zirtual Co-Founder

By: jayson | Updated: October 19, 2022

Guests: Maren Kate, Daniel Ramsey
Recorded: May 30, 2019


Maren is a serial entrepreneur and human capital expert. She believes meaningful work is core to the human sense of self, personal growth, and connection to the community. Because of this, she is dedicated to creating a world where good help isn’t hard to find and where meaningful work is abundant. MyOutDesk CEO and Co-founder sit down to talk with Maren about Virtual Assistants and why they can be an important part of your business and personal growth.

It all started when Maren was in college. She had a jewelry business where she would import in bulk and would then re-sell them on eBay. As her business grew, she needed to hire a team, and since she was a college student with limited funds, she discovered online outsourcing. She hired remotely and began blogging about her experiences. She then noticed that she got the most traffic on her blogs that talked about remote assistance. She got many questions about it, and some queries were even about asking her to find someone for them. After about five years of starting a few smaller internet businesses, Maren moved to San Francisco to see if she could make something out of the Virtual Assistant space. And she (and her co-founders) did! She co-founded Zirtual in 2011 and was a real pioneer in introducing Virtual Assistants to entrepreneurs.

Over the course of 10 years, Maren has helped around 10,000 people find talented Virtual Assistants to bring leverage to their business. She says that to thrive within this space, one must recognize the need for structure and order, but on the other hand, know that if you are willing to work with a process and system, there is also a lot of freedom. What Virtual Assistants bring to you is really a way to leverage yourself and your time. When you figure out what you are really good at and then recognize what you can delegate, you get to focus on your strengths, thus empowering you to grow your business and expertise.

You will have to spend the time to build an excellent foundation for a distributed team space. You need to get really good at communicating what you need and how you want things done.

Daniel and Maren discuss so much more! Do not miss this conversation; make sure you watch the video above!

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