Todd Cohn, Barron Guss: Business Think Tank – COVID-19 Best Practices Between D.C & Hawaii – HR + PEO

By: jayson | Updated: October 17, 2022

Leaders and managers are overwhelmed by the current state of the economy. With the world seemingly at a standstill, how much has your employee morale and productivity shifted over the last two months? Find out how leaders are supporting their employees and boosting productivity. 

In this special webinar, we are joined by:

Barron Guss, President & CEO of simplicityHR< by ALTRES, Hawaii’s leader in human resources outsourcing.


Todd Cohn, Founder & Principal at Fidelio Business Advisors, a leading independent Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) consulting firm in the DC area.


In this crisis, PEOs have adapted. HR professionals are supporting employees with a completely new level of service.

To promote safety, Todd is preparing a special “Employee Return to Work Toolkit” to distribute — which includes basic safety measures, wipes, masks, and will also include a COVID-19 at-home test kit as soon as available. As a leader, “you have the ability to provide something to your employees that they can’t provide or get for their own.”

Barron suggests amplifying communication and build a plan — you may have the best sanitation crew and the best chemicals to sanitize, but you need to truly be a leader with a plan. Leaders are honest enough to tell the organization what we’re going to do. Communicate and mass-disseminate a new path to your company.

As an employer planning on bringing back employees in May or June, what can we do now to prepare?

  • Perhaps disposable desk pads
    Perhaps a new office environment with everything 6 feet apart and new desk configurations.
  • Take this time and consider redoing your office layout/solutions with what you got and look at short, mid, and long-term solutions to carry us through
  • Don’t expect a vaccine to handle the pandemic. It’s scientifically and mathematically impossible to eradicate ASAP, as indicated through computations on productions vs. availability and application.


Assuming this is the new normal (distancing, new hygiene, etc.)—what are the long-term effects of this, and how do we survive?

Take this time to run your business to a litmus test — any dollar should be strategized and properly used. simplicity has a great COVID-19 resource. Also, check out MyOutDesk’s COVID-19 guides & free strategy consultation.

Take a deep breath — and use this opportunity to not shrink, but to GROW! We’re going to get through this. Smart people will use this opportunity to use their skills to solve problems. Think about “what you can do” to figure out practical ways to instill confidence in your clients and employees.


CEO’s Mentality

Look at this as a hiccup—many businesses still have the long-term goal in mind. Stay focused! Be something for someone, instead of being everything for everyone. People in your life, and your people outside your family. Maintain your relationships with them!