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How To Recruit and Retain – with Dan Stewart at Happy Grasshopper

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The foundation of any professional empire is recruitment and retention. Because people are the material that makes up your business, and that material needs to be strong and long-lasting. In this webinar recording, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on this topic, and how it pertains to your specific company needs. Nowadays remote work is the new normal, and believe it or not, it actually has gotten easier to implement remote services to help you recruit the right people. All the while saving you up to 70% of the cost of a traditional employee!
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The Current State (and Future) of Real Estate Listings, Insights with founders of MyOutDesk & Curaytor

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We're truly honored to join author, keynote speaker, & entrepreneur Chris Smith - the founder of Curaytor! Chris is one of the top real estate influencers in the industry, and a true experts in real estate conversions. He's worked for two billionaires (Dan Gilbert and Lou Pearlman), a near billion dollar publicly traded company (Move Inc.) and a startup (DotLoop) that was acquired for $108 million (by Zillow Group)
Best documentation methods for virtual assistants and remote teams

Saving Time via Virtual Assistants & Effective Project Management — with Zirtual Co-Founder (and Former CEO) Maren Kate

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Maren is a serial entrepreneur and human capital expert. She believes meaningful work is core to human’s sense of self, our personal growth, and connection to community. Because of this, she is dedicated to creating a world where good help isn’t hard to find and where meaningful work is abundant. MyOutDesk CEO and Co-founder sits down to talk with Maren about Virtual Assistants and why they can be an important part of your business and personal growth.

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