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Gary Keller Talks About How a Virtual Assistant Can Fuel Growth

Wondering how a virtual assistant can transform your business? Ask Gary Keller! We interviewed the legendary co-founder of Keller Williams and discussed the need for real estate virtual assistants and how they help agents perform better. Watch the interview above to learn more!

Plan, Execute & Achieve A Strategic Real Estate Marketing Plan

Make your real estate business plan a game worth playing with Danny Griffin, the Founder of the Realty Classroom. In this special webinar, he shares three essential strategic plans for success, and helps you develop a solid framework for real estate with proven Marketing, Follow-Up, and Measurement Plans.
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How Kristin Stampini is setting massive appointments for her real estate team

Kristin Stampini Real Estate Virtual Assistant sets 10-15 buyer and seller appointments for her Real Estate team in Florida each and every week. On this video Kristin will talk about "how she did it" what her training and coaching looked like, mistakes to avoid, and best practices for anyone thinking of hiring a virtual assistant to be a prospecting for their real estate team.

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