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John Reh: Likeable Agent – Virtual Assistants For Lead Generation Webinar

Excerpt If you’ve used one lead generation service, then you’ve used them all. Except that’s not true in the case of Likeable Agent. They’re a lead generation company that goes the extra mile for their clients, and they couldn’t do it without virtual assistants. In this testimonial our CEO, Daniel Ramsey had a very insightful … Read more

Todd Cohn, Barron Guss: Business Think Tank – COVID-19 Best Practices Between D.C & Hawaii – HR + PEO

Leaders and managers are overwhelmed by the current state of the economy. With the world seemingly at a standstill, how much has your employee morale and productivity shifted over the last two months? Find out how leaders are supporting their employees and boosting productivity.  In this special webinar, we are joined by: Barron Guss, President … Read more

Logan Lyles: B2B Podcasting: Launch One To Distinguish Your Business From The Rest

Guests: Logan Lyles, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: June 5, 2020 Excerpt Producing a B2B podcast helps to establish your business as a leading source of expertise in your market, driving up your brand and credibility. Right now, you have the ability to start a podcast and stand out from the crowd. Every business is looking to … Read more

Jennifer Geddes: Trello & Virtual Assistants: The Best System For Efficient Admin Work

Since COVID, Jennifer’s business operations are now more efficient than ever — even with a downsized team. How? With Tello and a virtual assistant. We grab a cup of virtual coffee with Jennifer Geddes as she talks about how she utilizes Trello and her MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant to gain leverage in her business. We ask … Read more
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Keeley Teemsma: Giving Psychotherapy A Refresh With Virtual Assistants

  Guests: Keeley Teemsma, Daniel RamseyRecorded: August 4th, 2021 Excerpt Often times those who help others, need some help themselves. Such was the case at Refresh Psychotherapy; a mental health service in the New York area. CEO and founder Keeley Teemsma talked to us in this video about their experience with scaling up, mental health … Read more

Aziz Khatri: Strategies For Commercial Real Estate Webinar

Guests: Aziz Khatri, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: December 17, 2019 Excerpt Success in real estate requires a plan. A strategy. An accurate understanding of past performance. A realistic vision of the future – along with the ability to make a difference right now. We’re joined by KW Commercial Trainer & Top-Producer Aziz Khatri to learn about … Read more

Joseph Lee: Master Online Lead Generation Webinar

Guests: Joseph Lee, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: October, 2019 Excerpt Learn how to generate massive leads, listings & sales! We’re joined today by Joseph Lee from, one of the top online advertising consultants in the real estate industry, to share tips, tricks & insider techniques to generate fast, motivated & qualified leads online. Joseph consults on … Read more

Linzee Ciprani: Recruiting Secrets For Real Estate Teams

Guests: Linzee Ciprani, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: September 5, 2019 Excerpt Linzee Ciprani is the CEO and Owner of Ciprani Consulting and Round Table Real Estate. Ciprani Consulting was launched out of Linzee Ciprani’s home shortly after leaving a position managing one of the top real estate teams in Pennsylvania (2014). Ciprani Consulting was quickly born … Read more

Daniel Ramsey: Top 7 Growth Hacks Webinar

Guests: Daniel Ramsey Recorded: October 2019 Excerpt Do you find yourself in one or more of these situations? – Your workload is starting to get overwhelming and quality of your life. – Company revenue productivity is suffering because your time is spent on non-revenue tasks. – Your growth curve is flat because you’re stuck with … Read more

Daniel Ramsey: Shelter In Place Webinar

Guests: Daniel Ramsey Recorded: March 18, 2020 Excerpt Nobody knows remote work like MyOutDesk. Watch this exclusive webinar event to give you complete, step-by-step instructions to take your business remote! Watch now & download our free how-to guide below! This week, California implemented a “Shelter In Place” policy, locking down the Bay Area to everything … Read more