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Daniel Ramsey: How To Work With A Virtual Assistant Effectively Webinar

Speaker: Daniel Ramsey Recorded: September 16, 2020 Excerpt Map out an effective & organized LAUNCH strategy for virtual assistants in your business — take advantage of the  years of knowledge that MyOutDesk has to offer. How to integrate a VA into an existing team (Communication tips, Frequency, Tools) Training Methodology (Play-Pause-Do framework, VA Standard Operating

Mike Cuevas: Brand Marketing With The Real Estate Dude Webinar

Guests: Mike Cuevas, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: October 13, 2021 Excerpt This right here is probably the most important part of any successful marketing strategy; content. Our CEO Daniel Ramsey had an incredibly valuable discussion about marketing in this video interview, with Mike Cuevas. Mike is the CEO and founder of Real Estate Marketing Dude; a

Tyler Smith: Words of Wisdom with SkySlope & MyOutDesk

Guests: Tyler Smith, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: November 23, 2021 Excerpt Our CEO Daniel Ramsey recently hopped on a Zoom call with the infamous Tyler Smith. If you’re in the real estate business at all then you are likely familiar with at least his company; SkySlope. Tyler founded SkySlope in 2011 and since then they’ve grown

Joseph Ryan: GRA Inc Webinar

Guests: Joseph Ryan, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: November 22, 2021 Excerpt People tend to fear change because they(often subconsciously) see it as a loss of control. The larger the change from the norms they’re accustomed to, the more they feel like it’s a change happening to them, rather than for them. We spend a lot of

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