[Infographic] What Marketing Virtual Assistants Will Do For You

Do you spend a lot of time organizing and attempting to execute a marketing strategy that you’re not equipped for? Do you have the time to do your social media engagement, website updates, and the creation of flyers and other collateral?

Chances are you, the answer to all of those is the same…you don’t have the time, nor the expertise to execute on it all. PLUS, isn’t your job to sell homes?

Last we checked, real estate agents weren’t “marketers.” Check out this infographic to see more of what your Marketing Virtual Assistant will do for you here:


Your Marketing Virtual Assistant will be solely dedicated to implementing your marketing plan. By handling Social Media, blogging, SEO, and material creation such as flyers, signs, postcards, virtual tours and the like. See the infographic below to find out what a Real Estate Marketing Virtual assistant can do for you.

Leverage a Real Estate Marketing virtual assistant and gain more time and freedom to focus on what you do best. Invest your time selling and only on commission-generating activities; allow a VA to do the “busy work.”


If you are interested in hiring a real estate virtual assistant for marketing, administration or prospecting, contact MyOutDesk today for your free no-obligation consultation.



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