Hire a Real Estate ISA to handle phone prospecting tasks like Warm & Cold Calling, Lead Screening, Prospect & Client Follow-Up & Lead Nurturing to create new business opportunities!

Generate More Leads With A Real Estate ISA

Prospecting & lead generation are a crucial part of building a successful real estate business – but they’re also time-consuming, and agents often find that the more busy they become working deals, the harder it is to find time to prospect for new ones.

Hire a trained MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA virtual assistant to take over your inside sales and expand your prospecting & lead generation efforts. Our trained inside sales virtual assistants will help you generate more leads, qualify them and allow you to focus on selling and generating commissions.

In addition to warm & cold calling, our ISA’s can assist you with circle prospecting, calling expireds & FSBO’s, lead screening & pre-qualification, lead-nurturing, prospect & client followup calls & more!

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  • Warm and Cold Calling

    Reach out to potential clients from purchased & inbound leads, circle prospecting & geofarming, and followups with past clients and your database to generate new leads & convert them into new real estate deals.

  • Lead Screening and Qualification

    Following your script(s) and qualification checklist, your Real Estate ISA will identify prospects for appointments so you can spend time with your most valuable leads/clients.

  • Prospect and/or Client Follow Up

    Prospecting requires following up again and again. Your Real Estate ISA will perform this activity routinely and systematically.  As a part of this virtual assistant’s prospecting role, this crucial element won’t fall through the cracks.

  • Lead Nurturing

    Your Real Estate ISA will track qualified leads and help with automated content delivery & targeted followup calls to increase engagement & make you the agent of choice for their deal.

Here’s what a Prospecting Virtual Assistant can do for you:

Have you purchased leads only to be too busy to follow up and nurture them? Or have you assigned them to your agents only to find out that they have not reached out to those leads at all?

A Real Estate ISA may be the solution to your problems– especially when it comes to inbound and outbound calls. From improved customer service to strengthened leads, a virtual assistant can ensure that your leads are adequately managed and that you aren’t losing opportunities for more business.

Prospecting is an easy thing to neglect, and by the time you realize that it hasn’t been done– hello, empty pipeline! — It’ll take quite a while to get yourself back to where you should be. That’s why successful businesses make sure to set aside a block of time to prospect each day or week and hold themselves accountable for doing it.

Our talented Real Estate ISA’s can play a massive part in ensuring that your pipeline is always flowing. They can handle cold and warm calling, reaching out to leads and potential clients. They can also handle follow-ups on your warm leads and keep tabs on past ones so that you will always be top of mind to those who suddenly find themselves in need of services you offer. They can screen and qualify your leads to be able to identify prospects for appointments. A Real Estate ISA will track qualified leads and help with automated content delivery & targeted follow-up calls to increase engagement & make you the agent of choice for their deal.

Don’t let your leads go to waste, stop missing those opportunities and live with the confidence of knowing that a talented ISA is handling your prospecting.

Reach out to us today and schedule a Double Your business Growth strategy session Our specialists will take a deep dive into your business and map out a plan for success with our Virtual Assistants to empower you to bring your business to the next level.

One of the most common concerns we hear is about their accents. The best way to address those concerns is for you to hear how our Real Estate ISAs sound. So we’ve prepared these recordings for you so you can listen to them yourself.

Seller Lead Call Examples:

Buyer Lead Call Examples:

Expired Listing Lead Call Examples:

You shouldn’t miss the opportunities to grow your business, nor should you be tethered to your phone making calls. A MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA can take over those responsibilities and give you the freedom to focus on what you do best, making connections and closing deals.

Lead Generation

  • Call expired listings to set up appointments for new seller leads
  • Use RedX/Vulcan7 system to facilitate calls and tracking
  • Calling neighborhoods around just listed / just sold houses to prospect for more potential sellers
  • Calling our agent spheres with information of value and asking for referrals
  • Calling our geographic farms to prospect for sellers

Lead Followup

  • Once we are able to make contact with leads, the ISA will then qualify and determine if to set appointment or put on touch/drip campaign. Once an appointment is set, the ISA will contact an agent for the appropriate next steps
  • Check with agents at least once a day on the status of their respective leads, as this will help the agents do their follow ups with their respective leads
  • Track all leads that we have currently in contract with as well as those leads that we have closed files and submit a lead conversion report at the end of the month, this will enable us to measure the success rate of our lead generation efforts
  • Report numbers daily for calls, conversations, and appointments (by email)

Lead Conversion

  • Hand off HOT calls that need additional conversion to your Team whenever possible
  • Taking incoming seller calls and web inquires then turning them into appointments

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