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Generate More Leads With An Inside Sales Agent

Prospecting & lead generation are a crucial part of building a successful business – but they’re also time-consuming, and business owners often find that the busier they become working deals & servicing customers, the harder it is to find time to prospect for new ones.

Have you purchased leads only to be too busy to follow up and nurture them? Or have you assigned them to your agents only to find out that they have not reached out to those leads at all?

Virtual inside sales agents, or ISAs, work remotely to take over your prospecting and expand your lead generation efforts. 

Our talented inside sales agents can reach out to leads and potential clients, follow-up on your warm leads and keep tabs on past ones, screen, qualify and track leads, help with automated content delivery and targeted follow-up calls to increase engagement and more.

Ensure your pipeline is always flowing with MyOutDesk’s qualified virtual inside sales agents.

What a Virtual Inside Sales Agent Can Do For You

Lead Generation
Warm & Cold Calling
Lead Screening and Qualification
Client Prospecting
Lead Nurturing
Real Estate ISA Tasks

Lead Generation

  • Identify potential leads through a variety of platforms
  • Create a database of leads with contact information and other valuable data to help you prioritize

Warm & Cold Calling

  • Reach out to potential clients from purchased & inbound leads
  • Stay on top of reach outs & follow-ups with past clients in your database to generate new leads
  • Convert leads into new deals in your sales pipeline

Lead Screening and Qualification

  • Identify prospects for appointments
  • Pre-qualify leads by calling to get information before a closing agent reaches out
  • Track qualified leads within your database

Client Prospecting

  • Develop a prospect profile to help target the right prospects
  • Generate a list of potential prospects based on your ideal client profile
  • Identify prospects for appointments

Lead Nurturing

  • Perform targeted follow-up calls to increase engagement and move potential leads through the sales cycle
  • Help with automated content delivery to increase engagement
  • Set appointments with qualified leads

Real Estate ISA Tasks

  • Call expired listings to set up appointments for new seller leads
  • Reach out to neighborhoods around recently listed and sold homes to prospect for more potential sellers
  • Use RedX/Vulcan7 system to facilitate calls and tracking

Hiring an Inside Sales Agent With MyOutDesk

Don’t let your leads go to waste, stop missing those opportunities, and live with the confidence of knowing that a talented inside sales agent is handling your prospecting. We’ve helped over 7500 clients master inside sales, giving them the leverage they need with our virtual assistants.

If you don’t have time to generate leads, an inside sales agent may be the solution you need—especially when it comes to inbound and outbound calls. From improved customer service to strengthened leads, a virtual assistant can ensure that your leads are adequately managed and that you aren’t losing opportunities for more business.

No matter what type of lead generation or prospecting your team needs, a MyOutDesk inside sales agent is the perfect fit to fill your sales & marketing pipeline with qualified prospects. Let MyOutDesk find you a candidate with the expertise to effectively generate leads & sales for your specific industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to lead generation and prospective tasks, inside sales agents can also assist with other important sales-related tasks such as calendar management, market research, and more.
At MyOutDesk, our virtual assistants cost up to 70% less than that of an in-house inside sales agent. Our all-inclusive pricing covers everything from vetting and interviewing to payroll, benefits and more.