Inside Sales Agent

Hire an inside sales agent to handle phone prospecting tasks like warm & cold calling, lead screening, prospect & client follow-up & lead nurturing to create new business opportunities!

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Generate More Leads With An Inside Sales Agent

Prospecting & lead generation are a crucial part of building a successful business – but they’re also time-consuming, and business owners often find that the busier they become working deals & servicing customers, the harder it is to find time to prospect for new ones.

Hire a MyOutDesk Inside Sales Agent to take over your prospecting and expand your lead generation efforts. Our inside sales virtual assistants will help you generate more leads, qualify them and allow you to focus on making more sales.

In addition to warm & cold calling, our ISA’s can assist you with lead screening & pre-qualification, lead-nurturing, prospect & client follow-up calls & more!

Have you purchased leads only to be too busy to follow up and nurture them? Or have you assigned them to your agents only to find out that they have not reached out to those leads at all?

We’ve helped over 7500 clients master inside sales, giving them the leverage they need with our Virtual Assistants.

Our clients leverage our Inside Sales Agents in various ways – some pre-qualify leads, calling to get information before a closing agent reaches out. Some do follow-up or nurture, while others set appointments.

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  • Warm and Cold Calling

    Reach out to potential clients from purchased & inbound leads and stay on top of reach outs & followups with past clients in your database to generate new leads & convert them into new deals in your sales pipeline.

  • Lead Screening and Qualification

    Following your script(s) and qualification checklist, your Inside Sales Agent will identify prospects for appointments so you can spend time with your most valuable leads/clients.

  • Prospect and/or Client Follow Up

    Prospecting requires following up again and again. Your Inside Sales Agent will perform this activity routinely and systematically.  As a part of this virtual assistant’s prospecting role, this crucial element won’t fall through the cracks.

  • Lead Nurturing

    Your Inside Sales Agent will track qualified leads and help with automated content delivery & targeted followup calls to increase engagement & make you the provider of choice for their deal.

Here’s what an Inside Sales Agent can do for you:

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If you don’t have time to generate leads, an Inside Sales Agent may be the solution you need—especially when it comes to inbound and outbound calls. From improved customer service to strengthened leads, a virtual assistant can ensure that your leads are adequately managed and that you aren’t losing opportunities for more business.

Our talented Inside Sales Agents can play a massive part in ensuring that your pipeline is always flowing. They can handle cold and warm calling, reaching out to leads and potential clients.

They can also handle follow-ups on your warm leads and keep tabs on past ones so that you will always be top of mind to those who suddenly find themselves in need of services you offer.

They can screen and qualify your leads to be able to identify prospects for appointments. An Inside Sales Agent will track qualified leads and help with automated content delivery & targeted follow-up calls to increase engagement & make you the agent of choice for their deal.

Don’t let your leads go to waste, stop missing those opportunities, and live with the confidence of knowing that a talented ISA is handling your prospecting.

No matter what type of lead generation or prospecting your team uses, a MyOutDesk Inside Sales Agent is the perfect fit to fill your sales & marketing pipeline with qualified prospects. Let MyOutDesk find you a candidate with the expertise to effectively generate leads & sales for your business. Schedule your Business Strategy Session and get started today!