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How To Train Your Virtual Real Estate ISA

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  1. What is a Real Estate ISA?
  2. What does a Real Estate ISA need to be trained in?
  3. How To Train Your Real Estate ISA

What is a Real Estate ISA?

A real estate ISA(inside sales agent) is often misunderstood as a receptionist or personal assistant. This is inaccurate and misleading, as a true RE ISA is so much more than that, in the hands of a successful brokerage. An ISA is similar to an outside sales agent, but they don’t attend buyer appointments or walk clients through the selling process. Instead, they focus on being highly trained and experienced salespeople, inside your organization. They can do many of the same things an outside agent does, like setting appointments and nurturing leads. When leveraged successfully, an ISA can be an invaluable support to the rest of your real estate team. It’s all about having a dedicated and experienced professional to generate and cultivate leads. This will increase your transactions over time as they support your sales efforts.

What does a Real Estate ISA need to be trained in?

Getting the most out of your real estate ISA requires proper and consistent training. You can’t expect to show them how to do everything in a day or a week and then set them free. That’s setting them up for failure. To properly leverage your ISA you need to ensure you share any knowledge of the role you already possess with them. The eventual goal is enabling them to do the job even better than you, after some adequate real-world experience. 

There are certain skills and abilities that you should expect your ISA to already have upon hiring. Like good customer service and communication skills, familiarity with your target market, and basic administrative skills necessary for data input and scheduling. Beyond that, you should expect to do some training on everything else necessary to be successful for your brand. Provide further education about your key demographics, the pain points, and related solutions your business offers. As well as more universal skills like active listening and how to be an expert at asking questions. The path to closing the deal is paved with questions and answers, so every ISA should be trained in knowing what to listen for, what to ask about, and how to connect it all to the value you offer.

Below are some of the most important training tips for anyone wanting to get the most out of their real estate ISA hire.

  1. Provide tips and guidelines for acing phone conversations and tonality.
  2. How to fit an effective “reversing question” into the conversation organically.
  3. Train them on how to use a lead qualification checklist.
  4. Get them confident using your real estate CRM system.
  5. Provide them with thorough and effective scripts.

How To Train Your Real Estate ISA

To set yourself and your ISA up for success from the start, here are some training tips. These are proven, everyday practices that are guaranteed to get your ISA on the level you need them to be. A lot of experienced assistants will come to you with many of these skills and abilities. But some will always require a bit of focused training.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Training Sessions

This doesn’t have to mean setting aside a bunch of time every week to continue training. As it’s expected that eventually, your ISA can mostly operate autonomously. But it’s important to check in regularly, anyway. Quick meetings every week or every other week, just to check in on performance, answer questions, provide guidance and feedback, and educate them on anything recent that needs addressing.

Role-playing With Your ISA

Consistent roleplaying with your assistant helps solidify the training they’ve undergone. This gives them the opportunity to practice without the consequence of failure. It’s perfect for helping them internalize the dialogue you’ve scripted for them, and remember the kinds of phrases and questions that should trigger specific responses. It also helps them get better at handling spontaneous situations that training didn’t cover.

Reviewing Recorded Calls Together

Recording your ISA’s real-world phone calls with prospective clients is the best way to dig into their strengths and weaknesses, and reinforce their training. By listening to their performance with them, you can address missed opportunities as well as praise and support what they did well. It’s also valuable for anyone to hear how we sound from the 3rd-person perspective and adjust ourselves accordingly for next time.


LPMAMA is an acronym that stands for Location, Price, Motivation, Agent, Mortgage, and Appointment. It is a 6-factor framework that helps agents to understand how qualified a buyer is and gauge their true intentions about buying the property, using specific questions. This isn’t about scrutinizing or interrogating them but helping the salesperson get in the buyer’s mind. This allows the ISA to understand the buyer better, and develop trust that will eventually win you their business.


Focus on the property location and remove all other location possibilities, so as to narrow down the search.


Settle a price range that the buyer is comfortable with. Pitch property prices and find the bracket they can afford.


Determine the buyer’s motivation to purchase a home. Is it an urgent relocation or a desire for a specific feature or lifestyle?


Inquire about the buyer’s need for an agent. Either ask directly or pose an indirect question that presents an opportunity. 


Clarify if the buyer is pre-approved already or not. This can be asked directly, as it should be a clear-cut answer if they are, or are not.


This is where you set a meeting and schedule a showing of a property. Promise to help with a home evaluation and show them multiple properties.


Hiring a real estate ISA may sound like an easy move to boost your sales prospects, but it can be a futile gesture if you don’t do it correctly. It’s imperative that proper time be dedicated to training upon hiring any ISA. A popular resource for a reliable and experienced real estate ISA is virtual assistants. At MyOutDesk we have a large, diverse pool of experienced and proven virtual assistants, ready to be an ideal real estate ISA for any sized brokerage. You can start giving your outside sales agents better leads to work with, and more support to close them. And you can start doing so right now. Use the link below to request a free consultation and see if one of our virtual assistants is right for your real estate sales needs. 

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