Be More Productive With Administrative Virtual Assistants

As an agent, you earn commissions for sales – not paperwork, transaction coordination or  time-consuming & mundane tasks that erode your profitability. Your new administrative virtual assistant gives allow you the freedom to sell and only engage in revenue-generating activities.

  • Transaction Coordination

    From contract to close and everything in between.

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Website Listing Management

    Update the information found in the MLS to reflect the current property status, as well as update and manage related websites.

  • Administrative Support

    Perform a variety of administrative tasks for you such as screen incoming calls and emails, manage your calendars, run reports, update your CRM, and assist you with event coordination and travel arrangements.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

    Leave the number crunching to your Virtual Professional.  They will assist you with maintaining your business’s financial records such as accounts payable and receivable, reconciling bank statements, and invoicing.  As well, they can manage reimbursements for real estate related expenses.

Here’s what an Administrative Virtual Professional can do for you:

General Administrative Tasks

  • Provide Administrative support to the business owners.
  • Manage calendars: Keep owners apprised of calendar, action items, messages and relevant business issues, both internal and external.
  • Make appropriate, informed decisions regarding owners available time
  • Check with agents at least once a day on the status of their respective leads, as this will help the agents do their follow ups with their respective leads
  • Track all leads that we have currently in contract with as well as those leads that we have closed files and submit a lead conversion report at the end of the month, this will enable us to measure the success rate of our lead generation efforts
  • Screen incoming calls & email correspondence. Determine the priority and respond appropriately. Make recommendations as needed regarding appropriate action and follow-up.
  • Gather voicemail messages and phone messages, taking initiative on appropriate action or routing to appropriate person.
  • Make travel arrangements as needed
  • Create and format documents electronically including letters, emails, marketing materials, status reports, spreadsheets (Excel), and other related documents
  • Electronically file, and track a variety of business documents
  • Coordinate meetings including scheduling, agenda creation & logistics
  • Ensure smooth operation of systems for sellers, buyers, lead generation, contact database management, and back office support. Ensures that all systems and processes run efficiently, making revisions as needed
  • Be able to pull up a record of which properties were shown the previous day and call the showing agents to solicit feedback. VA will be provided with a list of questions to ask as well as some scripts and suggestions on gathering the appropriate information. If the showing agent can’t be reached they will leave a message and request a call back and attempt to call the agent 2-3 more times during the following 2 days in order to gather the feedback. When they speak to the agent they will type the feedback into our online showing feedback form so that the feedback can be reviewed by the listing agent
  • Responsible for keeping owners informed regarding any problems or issues that need to be handled
  • Maintains and helps build Operation manual that documents all systems and standards
  • Be able to enter contacts, running queries, exporting data, launching plans and activities, maintaining listings and closings, referrals, create/update templates in Top Producer or similar database/CRM.

Transaction Coordination

  • Coordinate with Offers Coordinator, Buyer’s Agent, Escrow Officer, Asset Manager and Lender
  • Monitor the timeline for all properties
  • Request a Copy of the Deposit (Check the amount if the initial deposit sent by buyer is the same as in the contract) from escrow, if not received yet by escrow send Perform or Quit Notice to buyer’s agent (A P or Q notice is to be sent out to a buyer’s agent whenever some file is already due and they haven’t sent us a copy of it yet. In the sample template, just fill up the name of the Buyer’s agent, the Property address and check out the docs that are already due)
  • Follow up on the receipt of Preliminary Report and make sure that details are correct
  • Contact Lender for Appraisal Order Information
  • Request copy of Inspection Contingency Release
  • Request copy of the Inspection Reports and Termite Inspection Report
  • Request from Lender or Buyer’s Agent a copy of the Loan Commitment/Approval Letter
  • Confirm all Loan Documents are received by the escrow officer
  • Request copy of the Sellers Estimated HUD from Escrow and review for Commission and Utilities
  • Verify with Escrow that funding conditions were received and that loan is set to record
  • Confirm recording of the property from Escrow
  • Request final HUD from Escrow

MLS Listing Tasks

  • Manage, review and gather documents (all but not limited to):
  • Copy of Listing Agreement
    Copy of Previous MLS
    Property Details
    Property Photos
  • Create a new MLS entry each time there is a new property assignment
  • Update the following information in MLS:
  • List Price
    Listing Status
    Expiration Date
  • Navigate and update information on Client’s MLS
  • Upload a copy of the MLS to Client’s online database portal
  • Upload listing info to website, social media sites, and enhance listings on, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
  • Build Flyer for property for Flyer box and open house
  • Build Virtual tour and post to website, social media and YouTube.

BPO Tasks

  • Gather the following:
    • MLS of the subject available
    • Property Details
    • Neighborhood Profile
    • CMA
    • 3 Comparable sales
    • 3 Comparable listings
    • Exterior Photos
    • Interior Photos
    • HOA Information
    • Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)
  • Determine what type of BPO is needed
  • Include Subject Property Data, Narrative comments about local market conditions, Immediate neighborhood characteristics, analysis of three current listings, and three recent sales of comparable properties, adjustments to the comparable, photographs of the property and estimate of repairs
  • The result is a BPO report with the broker’s opinion of a subject property’s value and anticipated sales price

What you can expect from MyOutDesk:

Our role is critical to providing you with a dedicated Virtual Professional that will help provide the leverage needed in your business, allowing you to remove the repetitive and routine tasks from your plate so that you can concentrate on the activities which drive revenue and growth in your business.

We will take the time to understand your business, your needs and your expectations for building your team.

  • We provide a consultation and build a road map with you so there is a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years …

We will provide Virtual Professionals ready to join your team.

  • We find the talent that you need to grow your business.  We find talent within a critical criteria. The Virtual Professionals we provide have had Experience in a like role, have  Expertise, meaning they’ve been a trained for their role and are currently Employed doing a like job.
  • We take the time to ensure the Virtual Professionals we recommend are a perfect fit for your needs and business goals.

We will provide support while you onboard your Virtual Professional.

  • A Launch Coach will help you and your Virtual Professional (VP) for the first 90 days to have an empowered relationship where you’re able to mentor the VP to exactly what you’d like to see for results and outcomes so they in turn have an increased opportunity to succeed on their role with you.
  • We provide the back end support for payroll, benefits, vacation pay, etc… so that you don’t have to worry about all of that!

When we start out communicating the clearly defined expectations of the relationship between MyOutDesk, You and your Virtual Professional, we can all work towards mutual success.

What MyOutDesk VP’s should expect from you:

Your role is critical to the ultimate success on any new hire in your business. There is no magic bullet and this is not a “plug and play” strategy. This is a hands on approach to gaining leverage to grow your business.

Have a clear definition of the job role and outcomes you are looking to achieve.

  • Detailed job description and expectations / goals for this role.
  • Provide clear communications on your overall execution strategy and processes within your business so that there is complete understanding of how you would like the work to be done.

Have processes and tools in place.

  • Provide all necessary access, user names, passwords, etc… to all of the tools they will be expected to use. (eMail, CRM, Social Media, Lead Sources, etc…)
  • Provide links to training materials for the systems / software you are utilizing.
  • Provide scripts, call reviews and feedback for improvement.

Provide frequent Feedback, Coaching and Mentoring.

  • Do not expect that they will just “figure it out”. Have a plan in place for training and on-boarding any new hire. Then provide regular feedback and coaching to ensure the mutual success of your employees.
  • Have a process in place to provide reviews, feedback and a plan for improvement in areas where expectations are not been met.

When you start out communicating clearly defined expectations of the outcomes you are seeking, MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals will work to achieve results with a level of excellence that leads this industry.

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