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Boost Revenue and Productivity With An Administrative VA

Administrative busy work can bog you down. However, we know how important these tasks are and how much time it can take to get them done.

Our administrative virtual assistants, or administrative VAs, specialize in a variety of tasks from paperwork, calendar scheduling, CRM, reception calls to bookkeeping, expense accounting, executive tasks and more – giving you the freedom to focus on the mission-critical tasks that drive your business.

MyOutDesk virtual admin assistants are carefully vetted to ensure a seamless transition into your company – saving you up to 70% the cost of a traditional employee. 

What An Administrative Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Remote Office Management
Accounting & Bookkeeping
HR + Recruitment
Document Management
Phone Calls & AD HOC Tasks
Executive Tasks

Remote Office Management

  • Email & Calendar Management
  • Ensuring smooth operation of systems and contact database management and back-office support
  • Coordinating meetings through scheduling, agenda creation & logistics

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Maintaining financial records such as accounts payable and receivable
  • Invoicing and reconciling bank statements
  • Managing and following up on reimbursements for operational expenses

HR + Recruitment

  • Vetting potential employees and assisting in acceptance and rejection processes
  • Managing open positions and contacting applicants
  • Handling payroll, schedules and job vacancies

Document Management

  • Creating and formatting documents electronically including letters, status reports, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Electronically filing and tracking a variety of business documents
  • Updating CRMs and running reports

Phone Calls & Other AD HOC Tasks

  • Screening phone calls and email correspondence
  • Approving and adjusting meeting times
  • Scheduling and coordinating meetings and other events

Executive Tasks

  • Entering contacts, running queries, exporting data and other data entry tasks
  • Maintaining referrals, creating and updating templates in the database or CRM
  • Tracking and closing leads

Industry-Specific Expertise

No matter what industry you’re in, the day-to-day grind of dull, repetitive busy work of administrative tasks is always a drain on your time & energy. Even worse, it prevents you from focusing on your “one thing” – that unique talent you use to generate revenue in your business. At MyOutDesk, our VAs specialize in their industry to provide you with the most specialized administrative work for your business. 

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What Sets Us Apart

15 Years Of Experience

Rated the #1 virtual assistant company with 7500+ clients served and 800+ verified 5-star business reviews, we are the leader in virtual assistant services in both North America and the Philippines.

Speed to Hire

Instantly scale your business with an employee who can quickly launch in your business and make an impact today.

Diverse Talent

Our virtual assistants specialize in 8 different  services for a variety of industries. From administrative and marketing tasks to inside sales and customer service – we hire only the most qualified individual for the role.

Extensive Screening & Vetting

All virtual assistants are vetted, FBI-grade background checked and undergo extensive personality profiling to ensure you receive the quality and qualified professional

All-Inclusive Pricing

Pay one flat rate per virtual assistant and let us handle the rest. We provide competitive medical benefits, insurance and paid time off in addition to handling the entire recruitment, interview and onboarding process.

Standardized Work Environment

Our virtual assistants have dedicated work computers, noise-isolated environments, backup power and internet connections, and time tracking software to ensure they’re present and focused.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Regardless of the industry you operate in, the mundane and repetitive tasks of daily operations can consume valuable time and energy. More significantly, they divert attention from your core competency—the unique talent driving revenue in your business. This is precisely where an administrative virtual assistant proves invaluable.
The healthcare industry is seeing a surge in virtual assistants (VAs), particularly from the Philippines. Their strong work ethic, medical knowledge, and cultural fluency make them ideal for streamlining operations, boosting patient experience, and freeing up medical professionals’ time.
The workforce landscape has transformed, with a rise in freelancers and a shift to remote or hybrid roles. Amidst tightening budgets, businesses are increasingly harnessing the power of virtual assistants to optimize costs and maintain quality. Explore comprehensive statistics to see why virtual assistants could be your strategy for efficient business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our administrative VAs specialize in a variety of tasks that are necessary for keeping your business running such as remote office management, recruiting and HR, call screening and answering and so much more. Our admin virtual assistants also specialize in executive tasks such as data entry, referral maintenance, updating templates and tracking and closing leads. 
Our administrative VAs for the real estate industry specialize in…

– MLS tasks such as managing, reviewing documents, updating listings, uploading new listings to websites, social media and listing platforms.
– Coordinating transactions and offers, monitoring properties, requesting and following up on reports, appraisal information, approval letters and more
– Gathering MLS data, property details, photos, HOA information, creating reports and other BPO tasks.
With MyOutDesk you’ll pay less than 70% of what you’d pay for in-house labor—and we take care of all the recruiting, background-checks, payroll & benefits for you. We take the risk out of outsourcing your administrative team.