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Get new customers up to speed rapidly, solve product & service related technical issues, and effectively manage your support load with help desk outsourcing from MyOutDesk.

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Boost Onboarding & Retention With Help Desk Outsourcing

In today’s complex, technical environment its easy for customers to feel left behind – and if you’re not careful, it can lead to a poor customer experience, increased churn, and negative online reviews. That’s why having top-tier help desk staff is so important to your business: and it’s why MyOutDesk offers premium help desk outsourcing services.

MyOutDesk can offer help desk outsourcing solutions ranging from adding a single team member to deploying entire departments – we’ve worked with organizations in all stages of the business lifecycle, and we’ve seen firsthand how important scalability and response time is in the help desk environment.

MyOutDesk virtual assistants provide the help desk outsourcing you need to educate, integrate & troubleshoot your customers for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff. Help desk & support outsourcing lets you work smarter, not harder, and help you invest your time in dollar-productive activities that matter.

Even better, our virtual assistant cost less than 60% of what you’d pay for in-house labor – and we take care of all the recruiting, background-checks, payroll & benefits for you.

MyOutDesk gives you a plug & play solution for help desk outsourcing that allows you to handle as many support inquiries as needed without having staffing concerns distract you from your core mission.

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  • Manage Communications

    Effectively function as a communications liaison and go-between to ensure that customer communications for are rapidly responded to, escalated to the correct stakeholder as required & taken is action in a timely manner!

  • Manage Trouble Tickets

    Create, update, escalate and/or resolve trouble tickets in your CRM for customer-related issues, and work with the appropriate staff on your team to ensure prompt response, expedite successful resolution & ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Administrative Support

    Perform a variety of administrative tasks for you such as screen incoming calls & emails, manage calendars, run reports, update CRM, and assist with customer training & education, issue resolution & prompt customer response.

  • Manage Scheduling

    Manage scheduling for customer installations, upgrades, start and/or end dates for account services, and upcoming escalation calls as required. They will assist you with maintaining your schedule and keeping your customer service on track.

Here’s what Help Desk Outsourcing can do for you:

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When it comes to handling support inquiries, MyOutDesk virtual assistants are able to manage customer onboarding & education, ticket creation & escalation, proceduralized resolution of common issues, and ticket management, closeout, and even support metrics.

Our trained, professional virtual assistants can handle all types of inquiries & communications – including handling phone, email, SMS & chat inquiries, CRM ticket replies, and responding to help desk inquiries about products, procedures, issues & solutions.

MyOutDesk help desk outsourcing integrates with your existing methods & processes, allowing you to rapidly scale your support department to meet changes in demand – and for only a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay for in-house staff.

Our virtual assistants are able to provide you with 24×7 support coverage, along with the flexibility to promote or reallocate your existing help desk personnel in order to maximize the in-house expertise you’ve worked so hard to develop, and without losing your capacity to take & respond to help desk tickets.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a faster turnaround on help desk tickets or simply increase your support availability, help desk outsourcing to a MyOutDesk virtual assistant will help you achieve your short- and long-term business goals.

Remember: when it comes to meeting customer needs, you want a trained, experienced professional. Let MyOutDesk find you a candidate with the expertise to effectively manage your tickets. Schedule your Business Strategy Session and get started today!