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MOD is Disrupting the Small and Medium Business (SMB) Growth Curve 

Our platform allows you to scale your growth without the time,
expense, or risk of hiring in-house staff

MOD Virtual Professionals provide the leverage needed to
cost effectively Scale your business

MOD is a strategic partner engaged at every stage of growth and
Commited to your long-term Success

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WHAT we do: Virtual Professional Solutions


With 10 years of experience, serving more than 5000 clients and employing over 4000 Virtual Assistants, MyOutDesk (MOD) is the trusted Virtual Assistants platform used by the most innovative companies. We provide your business a team of Virtual Assistants who you can delegate your repetitive, non-dollar productive tasks to—from your prospecting, to your marketing and even your administrative ones, all for a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.


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MOD offers a FREE Business Growth Strategy Session where we discuss your growth plan and provide you with a personalized 'Business Outcomes' road map to reach growth leverage and scale.

Hack the Business Growth Curve with MOD Virtual Assistants


Drive Process Improvement

Having ISAs in the office was great but it was easier and worked better for us when we hired Virtually and now all our ISAs are from MOD.
— Lisa Archer

Experience Impact

At first I didn’t think having a MOD Virtual Assistants would really work for me, but now that I have one, it’s been a game changer.
— Knolly williams

Leveraging Expertise

Our ROI for our Virtual Assistants is 5 to 1 and that number is REALLY conservative!

Free Webinar

Scale with Virtual Professionals: Top 10 Growth Hacks

Join us for another in-depth conversation with MOD Rockstars Chris Jackson and Brian Allan as we discuss how to scale your business with Virtual Professionals. Chris and Brian are such assets to MyOutDesk and their positions as CRO (Brian) and Vice President, Innovations (Chris) offer so much wisdom and insight. 


Our mission and vision

MISSION: To provide businesses with indispensable leverage through our Virtual Solutions, helping business owners regain their time, freedom, and have the ability to grow their business, all while reducing costs.

VISION: Find Talent, Match Talent, Extend the Movement

Know why our clients love us

MOD has made an impact to over 5000 clients and 4000 Virtual Assistants in a span of 10 years. Ranging from process improvements to huge impacts in their business, MOD Virtual Assistants are leveraged for hyper growth.

About Us

We are MOD Virtual

Every day, business owners and their key staff spend time doing tasks that are necessary but highly administrative, routine, and time-consuming. They end up working overtime if they want to generate new business or stay in touch with previous clients. MOD provides business owners  a more productive way to direct their team's time and have the ability to focus on the core activities that drive income and growth.