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MyOutDesk recruiting assistants are dedicated to streamlining your workflow and maximizing your efficiency, so you can focus on what you do best – finding the perfect candidates for the job. 

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Supercharge Your Recruitment Efficiency with an Experienced VA

With our dedicated VAs who specialize in recruitment, you can experience a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness in your hiring endeavors.

Virtual recruiting assistants specialize in various tasks, from candidate sourcing and resume screening, to interview coordination and database management – giving your experienced in-house staff time to focus on final qualification, onboarding & hiring. 

MyOutDesk talented recruiting assistants can play a massive part in ensuring that your candidate pipeline is always flowing, and they can also work to ensure that none of your potential candidates fall through the cracks in your human resources process.

MyOutDesk can offset your human resources labor investment with a virtual recruiting assistant for less than 70% of what you’d pay an in-house HR team member.

What a Virtual Recruiting Assistant Can Do For You

Candidate Sourcing
Resume Screening
 Interview Coordination
Follow-Up and Engagement
Job Posting and Management
Background Checks & Reference Verification

Candidate Sourcing

  • Experience utilizing various talent platforms and tools
  • Conducting extensive candidate research
  • Compiling data and reporting on the findings

Resume Screening

  • Review and analyze incoming resumes and applications
  • Highlighting the most relevant skills and experience
  • Sorting applications by job-fit and your own preferred criteria

 Interview Coordination

  • Organize and maintain applicant database
  • Track candidate information and update records
  • Schedule meetings on behalf of all appropriate parties

Follow-Up and Engagement

  • Keeping candidates up to date with progress and next steps
  • Improve every candidate’s initial perception of your company
  • Relay messaging and updates to all interested parties

Job Posting and Management

  • Creating engaging job ads that attract top talent
  • Knowledge of SEO techniques to attract a wider pool of candidates
  • Manage job postings across multiple hiring platforms

Background Checks & Reference Verification

  • Verifying candidate credentials to ensure honesty
  • Contact references and verify employment history
  • Update applications with relevant notes for the recruiter

Hiring a Virtual Recruiting Assistant With MyOutDesk

As your business grows, you’ll need more labor: real estate needs agents, healthcare needs certified caregivers, and other industries have similar needs.

By leveraging the support of our virtual assistants in these areas, your recruitment team can save valuable time, enhance efficiency, and focus on the strategic aspects of talent acquisition. Our VAs are dedicated professionals who understand the nuances of the recruitment industry and have the skills to help you achieve your hiring goals effectively. By letting us handle some mundane but equally important tasks, your team has more bandwidth to truly recruit the best people for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A recruitment virtual assistant is a professional who provides remote administrative and operational support to individuals or organizations involved in the recruitment process. These VAs specialize in assisting recruitment teams, talent acquisition professionals, and HR departments with various tasks and responsibilities related to hiring and onboarding new employees.
You can delegate a wide range of tasks to a virtual recruiting assistant to enhance your hiring process. Some common tasks include candidate sourcing, where the VA utilizes various platforms and tools to find the best candidates for your job requirements. A recruiting assistant can also handle resume screening, and assist with interview coordination, scheduling interviews, and managing communication with candidates, paperwork delivery & completion verification, and the general back & forth that goes with the onboarding process.