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Reach Your Audience With a Marketing VA

Marketing is crucial for your success. On top of the traditional channels, online marketing has become an essential part of every marketing strategy. It takes time and effort to juggle all your social media platforms, emails, website, blogs, etc. – but it doesn’t have to be your time & effort spent on it!

A marketing VA focuses on creating engagement, visibility, and proper branding for your business. They support your sales team, elevate your online presence and eliminate the day to day grind of marketing tasks from your plate. 

Hiring a virtual assistant for your marketing agency, or hiring a marketing VA to your business is a great way to ensure that your online presence, advertisements, website & branding reach the largest audience possible.

MyOutDesk VAs are trained professionals who work hard to ensure that your online presence looks stunning to your audience & reaches the largest number of prospective customers possible.

What A Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Social Media Management
Online Marketing
Email Marketing
Site & Blog Management
Video Production & Editing
Collateral Development

Social Media Management

  • Manage Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, and more
  • Engage prospects within the company’s social media network, including commenting on posts and replying to comments or tweets
  • Expand the company’s social media network – gaining Twitter followers, Facebook and Instagram likes, etc

Online Marketing

  • Process leads into appropriate campaigns, report on campaign performance
  • Create valuable content to help drive more traffic to your website
  • Report on campaign, website performance and traffic

Email Marketing

  • Manage contents of drip campaigns and process leads into appropriate campaigns
  • Create, curate, and update your regular newsletter, whether it’s the online copy or hard copy
  • Report email campaign performance such as open rates, response rates, and conversions

Site & Blog Management

  • Blog management including content creation, curation, aggregation, and editing
  • Create forms and pages for lead generation
  • Measure and report on page and campaign performance

Video Production & Editing

  • Coordinate and edit audio, video, and multimedia content for websites, social media, and youtube channels
  • Edit & Distribute Podcasts & Webinars via Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud
  • Edit & Upload Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok Videos

Collateral Development

  • Create flyers, direct mail pieces and graphics to generate more quality leads for your business
  • Create posting templates for ads and posting these ads on sites like Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  • Edit videos and other rich content to help you build brand awareness

Industry-Specific Expertise

Managing social media, crafting email campaigns, and creating captivating content are all crucial for business success. At MyOutDesk, our expert Virtual Assistants handle these intricate marketing activities with finesse. This frees you up to do what you do best, whether that’s strategizing, building relationships, or developing innovative products.

What Sets Us Apart

15 Years Of Experience

Rated the #1 virtual assistant company with 7500+ clients served and 800+ verified 5-star business reviews, we are the leader in virtual assistant services in both North America and the Philippines.

Speed to Hire

Instantly scale your business with an employee who can quickly launch in your business and make an impact today.

Diverse Talent

Our virtual assistants specialize in 8 different  services for a variety of industries. From administrative and marketing tasks to inside sales and customer service – we hire only the most qualified individual for the role.

Extensive Screening & Vetting

All virtual assistants are vetted, FBI-grade background checked and undergo extensive personality profiling to ensure you receive the quality and qualified professional

All-Inclusive Pricing

Pay one flat rate per virtual assistant and let us handle the rest. We provide competitive medical benefits, insurance and paid time off in addition to handling the entire recruitment, interview and onboarding process.

Standardized Work Environment

Our virtual assistants have dedicated work computers, noise-isolated environments, backup power and internet connections, and time tracking software to ensure they’re present and focused.

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SMS marketing can effectively engage customers with personalized messages and offers, boosting conversions and brand loyalty. A virtual assistant can help you build a targeted audience, craft clear and concise messages, and use automation and analytics tools to optimize results.
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Hiring an executive assistant and a marketing assistant are both important for business growth. An executive assistant can handle administrative tasks, while a marketing assistant can help with digital marketing efforts. Decide based on your business needs and goals. Consider outsourcing to save on costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With MyOutDesk you’ll pay less than 70% of what you’d pay for in-house labor—and we take care of all the recruiting, background-checks, payroll & benefits for you. We take the risk out of outsourcing your marketing team.
A marketing VA can handle a wide range of branding & promotional activities such as creating posts for your social media platforms, establishing your expertise in your market, and ensuring engagement for your audience. 

They can also tackle daily tasks like social media updates, blogging & maintaining your website, promoting your listings, networking with potential clients online, and even coordinating and editing audio, video & multimedia content.

Our VAs can coordinate your email and drip campaigns, database management, and email coordination to ensure that you keep in constant touch with your customers, updating them with the latest goings-on in your business. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with the virtual professional that’s right for you!
Yes! They can coordinate your email and drip campaigns, database management, and email coordination to ensure that you keep in constant touch with your customers, updating them with the latest goings-on in your business.
Yes. Our virtual marketing assistant can manage social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, curate and edit content, engage prospects via replying to comments and expand followers.