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Rated #1 by TechRadar, MyOutDesk has made quite the name in providing world class virtual assistant services to help you save as much as you can every year but still get tasks done. With high rated virtual assistants, you can focus more on expanding your business and let your staff handle the tasks with ease. For the same number of hours weekly, MyOutDesk is committed to providing you over 50% of savings from your monthly pay including fringe benefits and overhead pay.

MyOutDesk gives $400 per new client converted from content . . . Professional bloggers, journalists, podcasters, and business article authors have a new way to convert influence and traffic to monthly cashflow. Rated the best Virtual Assistant Company by Tech Radar and Analytics Insight, MyOutDesk is the newly-launched go-to talent source for virtual assistants, offering content partners a unique opportunity for monetizing digital assets.

A CEO’s main concerns should be finding and retaining talent; however, the work-from-home conditions business faced in 2021, look like they will continue for several years. In this new and quickly-changing landscape of the modern workforce a new talent acquisition method is surfacing. It may be time to consider a blended business model where your domestic employees head up strategic projects, but much of the other administrative work is handled by virtual assistants.

As a business owner, you’re like a frog in the pot of water — it’s easy to miss the slowly increasing heat as it comes to boil, until you’ve reached a point where you’re waking up early & staying up late just to stay on top of things. You never would have taken a job working for somebody else doing this kind of work, but for some reason you torture yourself with it because it gives you freedom.

MyOutDesk is one of the top-rated companies for real estate virtual assistant services, mainly known as one of the longest-running, virtual assistant services companies with the most cost-effective offerings. Perfecting their craft since 2008, the company is made up of a team of dedicated, talented VAs who work with REALTORS®, brokers, and business owners to provide them with skilled support for all kinds of different tasks—including prospecting, inside sales, marketing and administrative roles.

Both Chanda and Armstrong have acquired most of their virtual assistants from MyOutDesk. The firm provides virtual assistants trained to support real estate agents to more than 1,000 clients, and signed up over 200 new ones in August alone, according to founder Daniel Ramsey.

MyOutDesk is a virtual staffing provider in the real estate industry, It serves over 6,000+ clients including corporate giants such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker and Re/Max. The company provides pre-screened virtual assistants to prospective companies.

Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Daniel Ramsey’s new book, “Scaling Your Business with MOD Virtual Professionals: How to Drive Revenue, Save Time, and Create Your Dream Company.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store on December 23rd.

MyOutDesk has become popular in providing world-class virtual assistant services to get tasks done. With high-rated virtual assistants, one can focus more on expanding the business and let the staff handle the tasks with ease. For the same number of hours weekly, MyOutDesk is committed to delivering more than 50% of savings from one’s monthly pay including fringe benefits and overhead pay.

After starting out in 2008 with 30 virtual professionals (VPs), MyOutDesk has grown to a company of 1,100 VPs serving more than 1,000 real estate agents and brokers across the US. Most of the company’s VPs (95%) are located in the Philippines. They handle a range of real-estate-specific jobs, such as managing MLS listings, short-sale processing, filling out forms, calling prospects, and so on. features Daniel Ramsey, MyOutDesk

Finding the right talent. To build out your ‘Virtual Dream Team’, do not make the mistake in prioritizing a candidate’s skills & experience over their culture fit & talent. There are two things you cannot teach people and that’s culture fit and innate talent. So when recruiting, follow this order for criteria: culture fit, talent, skills, and lastly, experience…