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Loan Processor Virtual Assistant

Our VAs are trained to manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your mortgage & lending transactions – from contract to close, and everything in between!

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Boost Your Processing Productivity with a Specialized Loan Processor Assistant

A loan processor assistant can handle the repetitive tasks involved with closing a transaction, such as gathering documentation & signatures, calling clients, completing paperwork, following up on contract terms & requirements, and creating the file for each completed transaction.

They’re trained in every step of the process and tasked with monitoring progress from when the seller accepts an offer through the steps involved in the close of the deal.

From providing useful & detailed information and action plans to processing contractual documents and disclosures and watching deadlines, our loan processor assistants are trained to handle every step of the mortgage and lending transaction.

When you’re ready to grow your mortgage or lending pipeline, hiring a MyOutDesk virtual assistant is a great way to expand your capabilities & increase turnaround time on new loans without breaking the bank.

What a Loan Processor Assistant Can Do For You

Document Preparation
Communication Management
Data Entry & Organization
Deadline Tracking
Quality Assurance
Task Prioritization

Document Preparation

  • Preparing loan documents accurately and efficiently
  • Ensure all necessary paperwork is in order and meets requirements
  • Send for signatures and share with all relevant parties

Communication Management

  • Manage communication between borrowers, lenders, and other parties
  • Respond to inquiries and schedule appointments
  • Ensuring seamless and prompt communications

Data Entry & Organization

  • Meticulous attention to detail, proficient with data entry and organization
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date loan records
  • Prevent errors and streamline your workflow

Deadline Tracking

  • Help you to stay on top of important milestones
  • Ensure all necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner
  • Reduce the risk of delays and improve efficiency

Quality Assurance

  • Perform thorough quality checks on loan apps and documents
  • Assist in maintaining compliance with industry regulations
  • Mitigate risks and ensure a smooth loan procession experience for both borrowers and lenders

Task Prioritization

  • Skilled at prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance
  • Create structured workflows to ensure critical tasks get immediate attention
  • Reviewing loan applications and addressing compliance issues

Hiring a Loan Processor Assistant With MyOutDesk

Paperwork is a problem for many mortgage brokers & lenders. It’s time-consuming, and it takes someone detail-oriented and focused on ensuring that everything is done correctly. By outsourcing the small, yet critical tasks involved with your mortgage and lending process, you can save time to focus on what really matters. 

Let us take charge of your deal pipeline and handle all aspects of your transaction from ensuring loan apps have all needed items and performing lender follow-ups to gathering documentation, calling clients, and reviewing documents.  

Experience the transformative power of our specialized virtual assistant services and elevate your loan processing game today.

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Grow your business with a loan processor virtual assistant

MyOutDesk’s virtual assistants can save you up to 70% the cost of an in-person hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our virtual loan processor assistants can handle a wide range of tasks to support your loan processing operations. They are adept at document preparation, managing communications with borrowers and lenders, performing data entry and organization, tracking deadlines, and ensuring quality assurance by conducting thorough reviews of loan applications and documents.
Our virtual assistant services are competitively priced based on factors such as the level of expertise required, the number of hours needed, and the specific tasks involved. We believe in providing transparent and affordable pricing, and we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide customized quotes.

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