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Let our Loan Processor Assistants and Loan Officer Assistants ensure smooth & timely transactions for all of your mortgage & finance deals – they handle the paperwork, letting you focus on growing your pipeline!

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Be More Productive With
A Loan Processor Assistant

MyOutDesk Loan Processor Assistants are trained to manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your mortgage & lending transactions – including every step of the process, from contract to close, and everything in between!

Become more effective by using a Loan Officer Assistant to handle the repetitive tasks involved with closing a transaction – such as gathering documentation & signatures, calling clients, completing paperwork, following up on contract terms & requirements, and creating the file for each completed transaction.

Quit chasing paperwork and focus on growing your pipeline with a Loan Processor Assistant from MyOutDesk. We provide the leverage you need to grow your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff.

Our Loan Officer Assistants are mortgage & lending professionals who manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in a transaction. They’re trained in every step of the process and tasked with monitoring progress from when the seller accepts an offer through the steps involved in the close of the deal.

The primary role of our Loan Processor Assistants is to ensure a smooth transaction of all client deals. They work closely with all parties in each transaction. They assist in providing useful & detailed information and action plans, process contractual documents and disclosures, watch deadlines, file paperwork, and much more.

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  • Manage Signatures & Documentation

    From contract to close and everything in between: our virtual assistants can manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your mortgage & lending transactions, coordinate communications, and make sure that your deals close as quickly & easily as possible.

  • Manage Communications

    Your Loan Processor Assistant will effectively function as a communications liaison and go-between to ensure that all important communications for each transaction are passed to the correct person & taken action on in a timely manner!

  • Administrative Support

    Perform a variety of administrative tasks for you such as screen incoming calls and emails, manage your calendars, run reports, update your CRM, and assist you with event coordination and travel arrangements.

  • Manage Scheduling

    Leave the schedule management to your Loan Processor Assistant.  They will assist you with maintaining your schedule and keeping filings, signatures, documentation & compliance completely on-track for all of your deals, and help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Here’s what a Loan Processor Assistant can do for you:

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Let us take charge of your deal pipeline and handle all aspects of your transaction. Ensuring loan apps have all needed items, lender follow-ups, gathering documentation, call to clients, documentation review, and Virtual Assistants will handle internal reporting with the care that only MyOutDesk Loan Processor Assistants can provide.

Paperwork is a problem for many mortgage brokers & lenders. It’s time-consuming, and it takes someone detail-oriented and focused on ensuring that everything is done correctly. By outsourcing the small, yet critical tasks involved with your deals to a MyOutDesk Loan Processor Assistant, you can save time to focus on what really matters and leave the repetitious tasks to your virtual assistant.

Our Loan Officer Assistants are meticulously organized to help your team stay on track with your deals. Just imagine what you can do with the extra 30 hours they save you!

Outsource all of the small yet critical tasks involved with your mortgage & lending pipeline to a MyOutDesk virtual assistant. They’ll help accomplish more each day, and not only will you reduce your workload while experiencing growth, but you’ll also save on operational costs.

When you’re ready to grow your mortgage or lending pipeline, hiring a MyOutDesk Loan Processor Assistant is a great way to expand your capabilities & increase turnaround time on new loans without breaking the bank.

Remember: a MyOutDesk Loan Processor Assistant costs up to 60% less than a full-time team member, and our candidates have the skills, training & experience that you need to grow your business rapidly! So schedule your Business Strategy Session and get started today!