Virtual Assistants save you over 70% of the cost of a full-time employee – without the headaches of insurance, retirement, office & equipment costs, & unemployment. Our customers saved over $55 million last year!

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MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant Services

Rated #1 in virtual assistant services by TechRadar & Analytics Insight One of the longest-running virtual assistant services companies Serving 6,000+ clients with 700+ verified 5-star business reviews

12 Month Plan

$1,788 /month

6 Month Plan

$1,848 /month

Middle Tier

3 Month Plan

$1,988 /month

Most Flexible
  • MyOutDesk
  • Dual Candidate Vetting
  • FBI Grade Background Check
  • Legal Entity in USA & PH
  • Online Customer Portal
  • Over 6000 Clients
  • 13 Years of Experience
  • Personality Profile
  • Script & Dialog Library
  • Secure PCI Compliant Payments
  • Stable Internet + Backup Systems
  • Talent Onboarding
  • Training
  • VA Benefits & Medical
  • VA Productivity Tracking Software
  • MyOutDesk
  • The Competition
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
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  • No
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  • No
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Cost Comparison

Full-time employees are expensive. In addition to salaries, you also end up paying a hefty sum every month for benefits, office space & equipment, worker’s compensation, and even retirement. It adds up fast & erodes profitability.

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants are a cost-effective alternative to full-time staff that save you money, and let you keep your business nimble. Add or reduce staffing on-demand as you grow to meet today’s needs without the overhead.

Monthly Rate of Pay $3,468 / monthAs low as $1,788 / month
Fringe Benefits @ 35%$1,211 / month$0 / month
Overhead Rate @ 50%$1,730 / month$0 / month
Total Effective Rate of Pay$6,401 / monthAs low as $1,788 / month
Hours Per Year2,080 hours2,080 hours
$76,812As low as $21,456
Cost Comparison Full-Time Employee Virtual Professional
Monthly Rate of Pay $3,460/month As low as $1,788 / month/month

Fringe Benefits @ 35%

$1,211/month $0/month

Overhead Rate @ 50%

Office Space, Equipment & Office Supply Expense, UI Insurance,

Worker's Compensation, Overtime Pay, Administrative Costs

$1,730/month $1,747/month
Total Effective Rate of Pay $6,401/month As low as $1,788 / month/month
Hours Per Year 2,080 hours 2,080 hours
Total Annual Labor Cost

Double Your Business today!

Schedule your FREE Double Your Business Strategy Call
& learn how MyOutDesk can help you grow and scale your business.

Why Choose MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants?

MyOutDesk is a California based company founded in 2008. We’ve been steadily growing and gaining large and small business clients daily, especially those seeking a high quality virtual assistant. We’re an intelligent, successful voice in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the Virtual Assistant community.

With 40+ years of combined experience, our principals have been involved with hiring and managing personnel and running businesses ranging in size from $14 million per year corporations to proprietor-type businesses producing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Simply stated, no job is too big or too small for us. Unlike many outsourcing companies that will only work for businesses that place hundreds of employees at a time, we treat one order just like one hundred. We believe that while the order may be small, hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to grow your company. We fully expect to grow with you as partners in your success.

Our Business Is Built On Experience

1. Cost-Effective Staffing Solution
An alliance with MyOutDesk will deliver the high-quality ancillary services you need while giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

2. Highest Quality Virtual Assistants
You can contract for services that you need without the long-standing costs like benefits, retirement, office space, management staff, etc.

3. Best-Of-Breed Technologies
MyOutDesk hires Virtual Assistant candidates that have some college education or college degrees; many times those degrees are similar to Harvard or Yale education. Our staff also have a broad range of skills, having worked for other United States companies like Dell Computers and IBM.

4. Over A Decade Of  Experience
Operating leverage is a measure that compares fixed costs to variable costs. Outsourcing changes the balance of this ratio by offering a move from variable to fixed cost and also by making variable costs more predictable, thus improving profits.

5. You’ve Always Got A Single-Point Of Contact
Our Virtual Assistants receive ongoing trainings to keep up with current business practices.

6. We Value Your Information Security
You can manage contracts in a way that you can’t manage in-house projects. We can also manage Virtual Assistants by utilizing operational best practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house.

We Match You With The Best Candidates

All of our Virtual Assistants are required to complete a rigorous 160 hours of special training, learning our secrets of success prior to employment. We also provide our hired Virtual Assistants additional training every month to help keep them “above the curve” with new technologies and processes.

You don’t have to worry about the language barrier either. English is considered a second language in the Philippines, so all of our Virtual Assistants speak English fluently and professionally. MyOutDesk invests a great deal of time and resources into developing our VAs and it shows in the quality of work they perform for you.

Many independent Virtual Assistants you find on the internet operate in less than ideal situations and locations. We feel this results in poor performance for both quality and accountability. At MyOutDesk, our Virtual Assistants work out of their home offices which provides them with the infrastructure to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. They provide their own most up-to-date hardware with fast internet service and have experienced management from our team to assist them in their duties.

For added assurance, MyOutDesk has also created MyTimeIn, our in-house software that ensures your Virtual Assistants are on time and productive. MyTimeIn has several features including Real-Time Visibility which allows you to see into your Virtual Assistant’s productivity as they work during their shift.

We know from extensive experience the importance of finding and employing only the best people. MyOutDesk is your partner in the remote workplace with over 14 years of experience serving 6,000 clients+. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 700 verified 5-star business reviews.

Getting Started With MyOutDesk

Our role is critical to providing you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant that will help provide the leverage needed in your business, allowing you to remove the repetitive and routine tasks from your plate so that you can concentrate on the activities which drive revenue and growth in your business.

We will take the time to understand your business, your needs and your expectations for building your team.

  • We provide a business growth strategy session and build a road map with you so there is a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years …

We will provide Virtual Assistants ready to join your team.

  • We find the talent that you need to grow your business.  We find talent within a critical criteria. The Virtual Assistants we provide have had Experience in a similar role, have  Expertise, meaning they’ve been a trained for their role and are currently Employed doing a like job.
  • We take the time to ensure the Virtual Assistants we recommend are a perfect fit for your needs and business goals.

We will provide support while you onboard your Virtual Assistant.

  • A Launch Coach will help you and your Virtual Assistant (VA) for the first 90 days to have an empowered relationship where you’re able to mentor the VA to exactly what you’d like to see for results and outcomes so they in turn have an increased opportunity to succeed on their role with you.
  • We provide the back end support for payroll, benefits, vacation pay, etc… so that you don’t have to worry about all of that!

When we start out communicating the clearly defined expectations of the relationship between MyOutDesk, You and your Virtual Assistant, we can all work towards mutual success.

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