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MyOutDesk helps small business & enterprise clients with administration, marketing, inside sales, service, and support — with over 15 years of experience serving 7500+ clients, saving them $55 million as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company, with more than 800 verified 5-star business reviews.

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MyOutDesk is one of the longest running and highest rated companies offering Virtual Assistant Services.

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Our Services

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant Services has over 15 years of experience offering VAs for administrative work, inside sales, customer service and support, marketing, and more.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants


    Update MLS listing data and manage listings on your websites.


    Screen calls, manage calendars, run reports, CRM updates & coordinate events.


    Accounts payable, receivables, reconciling, invoicing & reimbursements.


    Our TC services manage contract to close and everything in between.

myoutdesk Inside Sales Agent

Inside Sales
Virtual Assistants


    Prospect new clients, purchased leads, past clients & your database.


    Following a script & checklist to identify prospects for appointments.


    Routinely and systematically follow up with prospects & clients to stay top-of-mind.


    Manage automated content delivery to increase your engagement & sales.

myoutdesk Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Service & Support
Virtual Assistants


    Screen calls, manage calendars, run reports, CRM updates & coordinate events.


    Coordinate communications between buyers, sellers, agents & various third parties.


    Create, update, escalate and/or resolve trouble tickets in your CRM for customer issues.


    Monitor deadlines & coordinate the closing process from start to finish.

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Virtual Assistants


    Manage your Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest and more


    Curate, aggregate and gather content for blog, channel, podcast, and social media


    Create posting template for ads and posting these ads on sites like Craigslist, Backpage, etc


    Manage contents of drip campaigns and process leads into appropriate campaigns

Focus On Growth, Not Busy Work

MyOutDesk provides you with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings to adapt quickly to changing business & market conditions without the cost or commitment involved with hiring local full-time employees.

Our Virtual Assistants are trained to handle everything from Office Administration to Inside Sales, Support, Marketing, and more. We’ll help you reduce time spent on repetitive busy work so you can focus on growing your company – all while saving you up to 70% of the cost of a local full-time employee.

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Hire a Virtual Assistant with MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk is rated #1 Virtual Assistant Services Company by Techradar, AnalyticsInsight, and TechJury. Our 15+ years in the Virtual Assistant space has given us the expertise and experience to create long-lasting relationships with positive, measurable outcomes for our clients.

We hire only the top 1% of applicants after rigorous background checks, multiple interviews, and extensive profiling to ensure that our clients receive the talent they need in order to grow and scale their business.

Trusted By Thousands

MyOutDesk has over 800 verified 5-star business reviews, making us one of the most reviewed Virtual Assistant Services.

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Why Choose MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant Services

When you complete a consultation with MyOutDesk, we’ll do a needs analysis, create a strategic plan, and help you successfully launch an administrative, sales, marketing, or customer service Virtual Assistant into your business.

15 Years of Proven Experience

Rated the #1 Virtual Assistant Company with 7500+ clients served and 800+ verified 5-star business reviews.

Speed To Talent

Instantly scale your business with Virtual Assistants who can quickly launch in your business and make an impact today.

Time Tracking Software

Proprietary MyTimeIn Productivity & Time Tracking Software ensures your VA is present and focused.

Personality Profiling

Ensure your Virtual Assistant is a holistic fit for your business and company culture.


Data security is important – that’s why we perform an FBI-Grade background check for all our Virtual Assistants.

Standardized Work Environment

Our Virtual Assistants have dedicated work computers, noise-isolated environments, backup power, and backup internet connections.

Don’t be an assistant – hire one!

Learn how MyOutDesk can help you grow and scale your business with Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant Services FAQ

Here are some common questions we get about Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant can perform just about anything as long as your business has the right tools. Virtual Assistants can tackle anything from sales to customer service to administrative work — answering calls, managing inboxes, data entry, customer support, graphic design, cold-calling, number crunching, payroll, etc. If it can be done remotely on a PC, they can likely do it.

There are various resources available for finding and hiring a virtual assistant. You can find freelancers via postings on a database, or through full-time providers like MyOutDesk.

When you complete a consultation with MyOutDesk, we’ll do a needs analysis, create a strategic plan, and help you launch an administrative, sales, marketing, or customer service Virtual Assistant into your business. If it’s not a fit, it’s not a fit!

Not sure if you’re ready? Get a copy of our book and learn the next steps!

Yes. English is the common second language to MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals. Since childhood, they have been taught to speak and write English. The Philippines is also considered an “accent neutral” country which is why many US companies base their call centers and other operations there.

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants undergo a rigorous screening, interviewing, and assessment process. Only the highest-caliber personnel are selected to begin our intensive training program which further ensures the Virtual Assistant has a deep understanding of your industry and processes, especially in the area of work where they will be placed.