Healthcare Virtual Assistants

Rapidly scale your Healthcare Organization by recruiting top-quality staff with the assistance of healthcare virtual assistants from MyOutDesk! Our trained, professional staff reduces the workload on your existing staff & helps you grow quickly!

MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant Services

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Administrative Virtual Assistant

Administrative Virtual Assistants

Let our Virtual Assistants handle your routine administrative tasks like CRM management, email & calendar management, basic administrative support, listing support, phone answering & reception, bookkeeping, and so much more!

Recruiting Assistant Virtual Assistant


Hire an experienced Recruiting Assistant to handle recruiting calls like warm & cold calling, candidate screening & pre-qualification, follow-up calls & nurturing — Recruit the best of the best & build a thriving organization!

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants

Our Marketing Virtual Assistants can tackle your online marketing, social media, collateral development, video editing & production, graphic design & layout, and more — professionally delivered by your virtual assistant to make your brand stand out.

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Customer Service

Our Customer Service virtual assistants are trained to handle all of your customer inquirie to ensure that your customers are fully satisfied! We take pride in delivering the highest quality virtual assistants, letting you rapidly scale to meet demand.

Your Healthcare Virtual Assistant Partner

Here’s how virtual assistants are helping healthcare providers:

  1. Client & Customer Service: process support, task management, email & call support
  2. Sales Development: Cold calling, lead generation, nurturing, onboarding & retention.
  3. Administrative Support: Collection & accounting support, office operations & tasks.
  4. Content Creation: Graphics, media, and other collateral support.
  5. Accounts & Marketing Support: Managing campaigns & client accounts, updating social media pages, web updates, news & article sharing.

MyOutDesk VA’s are the best in the business – career professionals who care just as much about your success as you do, and with over 14 years of experience and more than 6,000 clients, MyOutDesk (MOD) is the trusted healthcare recruiting platform in today’s marketplace.

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  • Concierge Hiring Process & Experience

    Competitively recruit and attract nurses or other in-demand professional candidates with the caring & thoughtful recruitment assistance of your VA.

  • Content Creation & Syndication

    A VA will research your industry, then create blog posts and further media content that promote you and your practice in a thought-provoking way (which improves your Search Engine Optimization results).

  • Viral YouTube Presence

    A VA will create, edit, and publish videos of your interactions with clients who consent to be part of your marketing, which are posted on your company’s YouTube channel.

  • Focus on research & business development

    Medical practices should spend most of their budget on research and development into new medications, procedures, and therapies. Virtual assistants can help with internal tasks while you focus on your area of expertise.

  • Medical Marketing & PR

    A VA can monitor your reviews, nurture positive ratings, and quickly respond to all inquiries.

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Highest Quality
Healthcare Virtual Assistants

MyOutDesk has hundreds of amazing reviews from industry-leading professionals describing our attention to detail & focus on quality. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best when it comes to virtual assistants, and we work hard to ensure all our customers have the highest levels of satisfaction.

MyOutDesk deploys a stringent talent-matching process for our hiring. In fact, out of over 150 applications per day, only 2.2% are hired and endorsed to clients like yourself. We do an FBI-grade background check, along with other important, preliminary profiling as well.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, we ensure that they possess the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise and Experience—making them a great fit for you and your business. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction, and we’re determined to make sure you get the absolute best fit possible!

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Your Partner In The Remote Workplace

Grow Virtual with MyOutDesk!
We save time, we save money, we scale business!
Ranked #1 Virtual Assistant Services by TechRadar + Analytics Insight

MyOutDesk is your partner in the remote workplace with over 14 years of experience serving 6,000+ clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 700 verified 5-star business reviews.

Industry-leading healthcare organizations trust MyOutDesk virtual assistants for quality, reliable HR recruiting for nursing, in-home caregiver, administration, and customer support roles. Our trained, skilled virtual assistants handle the daily repetitive tasks involved with recruiting and HR, enabling your team to focus on high-level human resources tasks.

Don’t let your company growth stagnate for a lack of trained healthcare personnel: it’s a competitive hiring market that’s full of great prospects, and roles are easy to fill if you connect with the best available talent before your competition. That’s where we come in – when you delegate the prospecting, follow-up & basic onboarding paperwork to our trained virtual assistants.