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Trust MyOutDesk Virtual Personal Assistants to handle your travel arrangements & logistics, calendaring, bookkeeping, appointments, concierge service, and more!

Have your own concierge service with a Virtual Personal Assistant

Concierge service doesn’t have to end when you check out from a hotel. Look, we know it’s tough to organize all the everyday small details. The wealthiest and most successful people in the world stay on top of their game because they can afford an executive personal assistant.

No matter what industry you’re in, the day-to-day grind of dull, repetitious busywork is always a drain on your time & energy. Even worse, it prevents you from focusing on your “one thing” – that unique talent you use to generate revenue in your business. To top it all, an excellent executive personal assistant will cost you a lot.

That changes today! You can acquire top talent for your daily needs, MyOutDesk Virtual Personal & Executive Assistants are the best in the industry—well-educated, proficient English speakers with industry experience, even while cutting your costs, saving you up to 70% of the cost of a traditional employee, letting you and your business grow its everyday capacity.

No more part-time assistant. No more student assistants. No more late nights in the office. No more missing the gym & family quality time. Instead, now you can have a full-time Virtual Personal Assistant with a career background from your preferred industry and skillset!

If you’re ready to focus your attention on true growth while increasing revenue, then a learn how a Virtual Personal Assistant can help you reach your goals by handling your routine tasks.

MyOutDesk is your partner in the remote workplace with over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 600 verified 5-star business reviews — schedule a Business Strategy Session with us now & learn what sets us apart!

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  • Concierge Service

    Perform a variety of concierge service for you such as screen incoming calls and emails, manage your calendars, assist you with travel arrangements & logistics, reservations, confirmations, follow-up, and more!

  • Content Creation

    Leave the execution and production to your Virtual Assistant.  You have the idea and the raw materials & footage—they will take care and assist you with research & planning, graphic design & writing, podcasts & interviews; all the time-consuming tasks to create your content!

  • Business Coordination

    From contract to close and everything in between for your work-life balance: our virtual assistants can manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your transactions, coordinate offers & communications, and ensure that your deals close as quickly & easily as possible.

  • Social Media & Website Management

    Update and maintain your social media presence and status, as well as update and manage your websites. Quit spending valuable time entering data yourself, and hire a virtual assistant to do it for you!

Here’s what a Virtual Personal Assistant can do for you:

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Daily busywork can bog you down. We know how important these tasks are and how much time it can take to get them done.

A Virtual Personal & Executive Assistant can handle most, if not all of your paperwork, transactions, concierge-related tasks, and even reception calls! Whether it’s working on documentation, managing emails, transaction coordination and the list goes on. A Virtual Personal Assistant can save you valuable time while handling these essential tasks that you do not need to be doing yourself.

These checklists below list only a few examples of the tasks we’ve seen our virtual assistants perform over the past few years. There is so much more that they can do for you! Another way to find out what one of our Virtual Personal Assistants can do for you and your business is with the sticky challenge.

Basically, over the course of a few weeks, list down all the necessary, but time-consuming tasks you handle, and how much time it takes you to do them. By the end of the exercise, identify which of those tasks is revenue producing and those which are not. Everything that does not bring you revenue can be delegated to a virtual assistant.

  • Provide Personal Assistant support to business owners.
  • Manage calendars, and keep owners apprised of calendar, action items, messages and relevant business issues, both internal and external.
  • Make appropriate, informed decisions regarding owners’ available time
  • Check with staff/team at least once a day on the status of their respective leads, help with accountability, tracking and follow-up for leads
  • Track all leads that we have currently in contract with as well as those leads that we have closed files and submit a lead conversion report at the end of the month, this will enable us to measure the success rate of our lead generation efforts
  • Screen incoming calls & email correspondence. Determine the priority and respond appropriately. Make recommendations as needed regarding appropriate action and follow-up.
  • Gather voicemail messages and phone messages, taking initiative on appropriate action or routing to appropriate person.
  • Make travel arrangements as needed
  • Create and format documents electronically including letters, emails, marketing materials, status reports, spreadsheets (Excel), and other related documents
  • Electronically file, and track a variety of business documents
  • Coordinate meetings including scheduling, agenda creation & logistics
  • Ensure smooth operation of systems for sellers, buyers, lead generation, contact database management, and back-office support. Ensures that all systems and processes run efficiently, making revisions as needed
  • Be able to pull up a customer record and solicit feedback. VA will be provided with a list of questions to ask as well as some scripts and suggestions on gathering the appropriate information. If business-related contact can’t be reached they will leave a message and request a callback and attempt to call the agent 2-3 more times during the following 2 days in order to gather the feedback. When they speak to the business contact, they will document it for you.
  • Responsible for keeping owners informed regarding any problems or issues that need to be handled
  • Maintains and helps build Operation Manuals that documents all systems and standards
  • Be able to enter contacts, running queries, exporting data, launching plans and activities, referrals, create/update templates in database/CRM.

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