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Hire a MyOutDesk virtual receptionist to stop missing calls & opportunities. Our virtual receptionist service provides you with a trained professional ready to handle anything you throw at them.
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Keep More Customers With a Skilled Virtual Receptionist

A MyOutDesk Virtual Receptionist is more than just an answering service – they’re a trained professional that not only answers calls & responds to customer inquiries, but they do it the way you would, with all the professionalism & courtesy you’d expect from anyone on your staff.

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What a Virtual Receptionist Can Do For You

Remote Office Management
Manage Schedules
Basic Customer Support
Manage Communications

Remote Office Management

  • Managing emails and calendars
  • Ensuring smooth operation of systems and contact database management and back-office support
  • Coordinating meetings through scheduling, agenda creation & logistics

Manage Schedules

  • Manage scheduling for sales meetings, start and/or end dates for account services, and upcoming escalation calls as required
  • Help with maintaining your schedule and keeping your customer service on track

Basic Customer Support

  • Answer customer questions, route inbound calls, emails & chats to the correct team members
  • Create & update tickets in your CRM
  • Follow up internally to ensure prompt response and guarantee customer satisfaction

Manage Communications

  • Incoming and outgoing calls, emails, and texts
  • Routing inbound calls and messages to team members
  • Responding to customer inquiries about your business

Keep More Customers With a Skilled Virtual Receptionist

A MyOutDesk Virtual Receptionist is more than just an answering service – they’re a trained professional that not only answers calls & responds to customer inquiries, but they do it the way you would, with all the professionalism & courtesy you’d expect from anyone on your staff.

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Improved Call Rate

Boost your call rate by having an experienced, reliable virtual receptionist answering calls, following up on messages, and managing your inbox.

Unmatched ROI

A virtual assistant can save you up to 70% over an in-house hire for the same role. On top of that our clients have reported up to 150% return on investment for a single VA.

Increase Revenue

Delegating tasks to a VA saves time for yourself and your local team. Freeing you up to focus on more high-level tasks, while watching your revenue grow.

Don’t lose customers to AI & Call Answering Services

An answering service is juggling companies and reading off a script; your customers will see right through it. You simply cannot match the level of service, reliability, availability, and cost-effectiveness with any other receptionist method. Nothing can match the quality and consistency of a MyOutDesk Virtual Receptionist.

How Much Does A Virtual Receptionist Cost?

The average cost of a US-based virtual receptionist is $17/hour, which equates to a $2,720 per month salary. When you outsource for a role like this, our records have shown that you can save up to 70% off the total cost to hire a local professional. We also take care of the vetting and hiring process with a rigorous interview process, FBI grade background checks, reference checks, and more.

We believe your success is our success, so the less you have to worry about the more you can focus on dollar-productive tasks and growing your business.

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What Sets Us Apart

15 Years Of Experience

Rated the #1 virtual assistant company with 7500+ clients served and 800+ verified 5-star business reviews, we are the leader in virtual assistant services in both North America and the Philippines.

Speed to Hire

Instantly scale your business with an employee who can quickly launch in your business and make an impact today.

Diverse Talent

Our virtual assistants specialize in 8 different  services for a variety of industries. From administrative and marketing tasks to inside sales and customer service – we hire only the most qualified individual for the role.

Extensive Screening & Vetting

All virtual assistants are vetted, FBI-grade background checked and undergo extensive personality profiling to ensure you receive the quality and qualified professional

All-Inclusive Pricing

Pay one flat rate per virtual assistant and let us handle the rest. We provide competitive medical benefits, insurance and paid time off in addition to handling the entire recruitment, interview and onboarding process.

Standardized Work Environment

Our virtual assistants have dedicated work computers, noise-isolated environments, backup power and internet connections, and time tracking software to ensure they’re present and focused.

Industry-Specific Expertise

No matter what industry you’re in, the day-to-day grind of dull, repetitive busy work of administrative tasks is always a drain on your time & energy. Even worse, it prevents you from focusing on your “one thing” – that unique talent you use to generate revenue in your business. At MyOutDesk, our VAs specialize in their industry to provide you with the most specialized administrative work for your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A traditional receptionist is an employee taking an office or administrative support position. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization or business. A virtual receptionist is no different from the in-person receptionist you’re used to, other than their location. They can do virtually everything that a traditional receptionist can do but without needing a front desk of yours to sit at. And at a fraction of the cost!

You may have a physical office with someone at your front desk already – but having a virtual receptionist allows that local professional to focus on in-person needs like greeting visitors, tours, physical mailing, and general office management. While they’re doing those things, they’re missing phone calls and emails are stacking up. This is where your Virtual Receptionist comes in.
A Virtual Assistant can handle phone communications, chat and emails, and tackle basic customer support. They can also manage scheduling for sales meetings, ongoing customer service tasks, and so on. Lastly, they can interact with a CRM while doing so.
The average cost of a US-based virtual receptionist is $17/hour, which equates to a $2,720 per month salary. This does not include equipment fees, insurance, benefits, etc.