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Elevate Interpersonal Experiences With Virtual Assistants for HR Teams

Our HR virtual assistants specialize in administrative tasks such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, interview coordination, and HR documentation management.

By allocating resources effectively, MyOutDesk enables HR and PEO companies to operate efficiently, improve candidate experiences, and focus on strategic initiatives – all while saving clients up to 70% the cost of an in-person hire.

What A Human Resources & PEO VA Can Do For You

Profile Coordinator & Assistant Sourcer
Onboarding Support
HR Administrative Tasks

Profile Coordinator & Assistant Sourcer

  • Assist with job posting in various job boards and websites
  • Screen resumes, schedule interviews, and coordinate with clients throughout the hiring process.
  • Gather documents, skills checklists from applicants and check for eligibility
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  • Provide support to your in-house recruiters and managers
  • Perform warm and cold calling to applicants, screen and pre-qualify applicants, and schedule appointments.
  • Paper Screen and prioritize applicants based on skill level and positions available
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Onboarding Support

  • Coordinate new employee onboarding activities, including paperwork, training, and orientation
  • Gather feedback from new employees regarding their onboarding experience
  • Assist in delivery of training materials, collecting feedback.
  • Schedule and coordinate virtual or in-person introductions with team members and key stakeholders
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HR Administrative Tasks

  • Assistant with routine administrative tasks such as phone, email, and chat support
  • Assist with payroll, billing, accounting, and bookkeeping and employee benefits
  • Maintain and update client information in databases, ensuring data accuracy and security
  • Organize employee records, contracts, and other confidential documents


  • Manage the company’s social media accounts, including posting regular updates, responding to comments and messages, and engaging with the audience
  • Gather and compile client testimonials and success stories to showcase the company’s positive impact on clients’ businesses
  • Help organize and promote webinars to educate potential clients on HR and PEO services
  • Email marketing campaigns to target potential clients and nurture existing leads.

Our virtual assistants can handle daily tasks like bookkeeping, calendar scheduling, document review, data entry, CRM management, and more.

Our virtual assistants support marketing teams with various administrative tasks, research, reporting, and digital marketing activities to support the team’s online presence and improve efficiency.

Trust our virtual assistants to instantly respond to inquiries, guide customers through troubleshooting processes, manage inboxes, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Human resources outsourcing (HRO) allow companies to cut costs, access specialized expertise, and focus on their core business strengths by outsourcing HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, recruiting, and training.
Outsourcing roles within a human resources team can bring several benefits, including access to specialized expertise, cost savings by avoiding full-time hires, scalability to handle varying workloads, improved efficiency in administrative tasks, and the ability to focus on core HR functions like talent management and strategy development.
There are several HR functions that companies can consider outsourcing. A few examples include recruitment and onboarding, training, and professional development, compliance tracking, performance management, and even overall employee relations. Such as processing feedback, complaints, mediation, and other interpersonal obstacles.
Yes, and this practice is often called “co-sourcing” or “hybrid outsourcing”. Doing so can be a compliment to your in-house HR team; improving their efficiency and success rate, and reducing their workload. In-house experts can focus on their expertise and internal strategy, while the outsourced HR staff handles administrative tasks.
Outsourcing some HR functions can often reduce costs for any business. By doing so, a company can reduce or eliminate the expense of hiring and training in-house HR staff, as well as the costs associated with maintaining an entire HR department, such as salaries, benefits, insurance, and office space.
Just about any company can make beneficial use of outsourcing some aspects of their HR. It ultimately depends on the specific company’s details, vision, and expectations. Common factors that can lead to a company outsourcing HR include; experiencing rapid growth, small budgets for small companies, more internal focus on the core business, and simply the need to reduce costs where possible.