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KW Command – The 2022 Inside Scoop

Get our FREE KW Command How-To Guide & Contact Importer, and learn from tech ambassador Zach Younger how KW Command will save you time & money. It's a comprehensive pipeline management system for your real estate business that will take care of leads, listings, deals & sales from end-to-end.
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Mr. Thank You: Create an ROI with Gratitude by John Israel

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John Israel’s mission at The Mr. Thank You Project was to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by 1% by inspiring 74 million thank you cards written all over the world. John Israel, committed himself to writing 5- thank you cards every day for an entire year. MyOutDesk CEO and co-founder Daniel Ramsey has a conversation with John about his life changing experience and how it relates to you and your business.

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