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Tyler Steenken: Ramping up for 2019 Strategies with Cole Realty Resource

Guests: Tyler Steenken, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: October 1, 2019 Excerpt In this webinar, you’ll learn about being a business and a brand in social media, how growth starts within your business and client base, and the strategy behind making brand gladiators! Megan Connor, Creative Marketing Officer of Adapting Social, discusses how important it is to have Brand … Read more

Dan Stewart: Database Marketing For 2019

Guests: Dan Stewart, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: October 1, 2019 Excerpt Join Daniel Ramsey of MyOutDesk and Dan Stewart from Happy Grasshopper as they discuss the latest trends, techniques & insider tricks for real estate lead-generation & conversion. During this session, you will learn how to combine the timeless need of nurturing your database with 21st-century technology– without having to … Read more

Danny Griffin: Plan, Execute & Achieve A Strategic Real Estate Marketing Plan

Guests: Danny Griffen, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: November 2, 2019 Excerpt Make your real estate business plan a game worth playing with Danny Griffin, the Founder of the Realty Classroom. In this special webinar, he shares three essential strategic plans for success and helps you develop a solid framework for real estate with proven Marketing, Follow-Up, … Read more

Lars Hedenborg: Earning $7 Million In Real Estate, Working 1 Day A Week

Lars Hedenborg shares four core building blocks that are needed along the path to success, covering how he has built a self-managed team, so he could work only one day a week, take more than eight weeks of vacation, and still sell over one thousand homes in six years with commissions above $7 million.

Matt Wagner: Work/Life Balance for an Entrepreneur

Guests: Matt Wagner, Daniel Ramsey Recorded: January 25th, 2019 Excerpt In this webinar, MyOutdesk CEO/Founder Daniel Ramsey has a conversation with the CEO/Founder of  Radio and Television Experts (RATE Group). Matt tells us a story about how his business has changed the lives of Top Producing agents in their market. We’ve helped so many agents … Read more