A: Identify Your Needs

How it workTo ensure that you’re getting the right virtual assistant to meet your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What types of services do I need?
  • How many hours per week will I require a VA?
  • What is my budget?
  • Does my project require a VA with special training?
  • Does my project require a VA to use specific software or equipment?

B: Reserve a V.A.

Reserve a V.AOnce you have identified a need for support help in your business, finding and choosing a virtual assistant is the next step. Go to Client Page and fill out the form. Here is what we need from you:

  • A detailed work request with specific expectations and requirements
  • Format or other preferences
  • Any previous problems encountered with your project
  • Your work hours when you want your VA to be available to you
  • A contact person for any questions or approvals

C: Review V.A. Portfolio

Once we review your form to reserve a VA, a salesperson from our American office will contact you and will help you choose the best VA for your needs. Unlike many other VA websites, MyOutDesk, LLC is not a single person business operating out of a bedroom. We have offices in the United States and overseas that are fully staffed with skilled professionals using the best tools available. Our policy is that we only hire and use dedicated full-time virtual assistants to provide our clients with the best method for accomplishing their goals. Part-timers and independent freelancers often lack the type of commitment that potential clients require for their business needs. [/one_half]


  • Our VAs are college educated and are extremely savvy using the newest technologies to their (and your) advantage. To ensure that we have the right people to serve you, we take the following steps when hiring a virtual assistant:
  • All potential recruits must have 4-year university degrees (the majority have degrees in Computer Science)
  • Each VA is also given an IQ test and the test results are shared with our clients


COST STRUCTURE: We have flexible options just for you! Starting from $8.60 USD/Hr 

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