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How to Combine the Benefits of Zoho CRM With Virtual Assistants

We explain how combining Zoho CRM with virtual assistants can increase productivity: delegating tasks that VAs can handle like lead generation, data entry, email management, and customer follow-up; plus advice on integration and workflow management.

Dan Trujillo
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There’s a good reason why Zoho is one of the most popular customer relationship management system (CRM) platforms, but many businesses don’t maximize their use.

As your business scales, you might find that your team is overwhelmed with tasks. When that happens, you risk stagnating – unless you outsource.

One way you can get more out of Zoho and continue growing your business through outsourcing is with a virtual assistant.

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of combining Zoho with virtual assistants. You’ll also learn how to hire the right virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who can help you with various tasks. These people work remotely and usually are self-employed or contractors.

Virtual assistants can help you with bookkeeping, scheduling meetings, lead generation, and more.

Why Should You Use a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant can bring many benefits. You can outsource manual tasks to help your team focus on important projects.

Or, if you’re low on skills in a specific area, you can outsource related tasks to skilled virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants can also help you manage your time better. They can offer advice on organizing your day and even create schedules for you.

Hiring a virtual assistant can also help you to generate more sales. For example, they can manage your leads and make sure you only connect with the best prospects.

The Benefits of Combining Zoho and Virtual Assistants

When you give your virtual assistants access to Zoho, they will manage their time better. If they’re more productive, you will get more done too.

Combining Zoho and virtual assistants can also help improve your customer service. Your buyers will have their questions answered both straight away and by a real-life person. You can offer 24/7 support and increase loyalty.

Your virtual assistant can also use CRM solutions like Zoho to break up their tasks. Everything they need is in one interface, meaning they don’t need to jump between dozens of apps and overwhelm themselves.

How to Find the Right Virtual Assistant

The best place to find a virtual assistant is through a dedicated provider. Compared to looking for general freelancers, these marketplaces can connect you with the right-fitting virtual assistant for your business.

After matching yourself with a virtual assistant:

  1. Set your expectations.
  2. Make it very clear what you need them to do, and be sure to understand their needs too.
  3. Communicate regularly with them, too, so you both stay on the same page.

When you’ve introduced your virtual assistant to Zoho, remember to give them training.

Though CRMs are designed to be user-friendly for virtual assistants, they might not have used the software before. Make sure they understand the basics.

Combine the Benefits of Zoho CRM With Virtual Assistants

Zoho is a great CRM tool for small businesses. However, combining the platform’s benefits with a virtual assistant can boost your growth and productivity.

Virtual assistants can use CRM solutions to manage their leads, schedule important meetings, and more.

When you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant, pick the right one. Choose a virtual assistant-dedicated hiring platform, and you’ll make sure you get a better match.

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