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Doctors are conducting video appointments. Real estate agents are doing virtual house tours. Servicers are providing Zoom consultations. How else can your business up the ante in their digital game? Use this checklist to see how you stack up.


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Your Virtual Game Checklist

The digital age has changed the face of modern business. COVID-19 has changed the face of the modern economy. It’s time up your virtual game as there is an opportunity to do more and lead in the new face of the market.

Your virtual game, or digital game, however, you prefer to call it without the right digital strategy in place, your business won’t be able to adapt to today’s world & remain competitive.


How do you perform? Rank yourself from 1-5 (Lowest-Highest) on each point.

  • You have an everyday online presence that DRIVES engagement
  • You have an online task and project manager that your team depends on
  • Your team can bring their workstation anywhere. Portable computer & VoIP office telephone software
  • You have automated systems and procedures. (Score of 3 if you are currently building these systems.)
  • You have dedicated workers for leveraging the digital space to perform these duties: reception, paperwork, operations, branding, marketing, and sales.
  • You have time to focus on leading the business, not the busy work.


If you see any room for improvement, the answer is recruiting experience Virtual Assistants. They understand performing effective virtual processes.

You can implement all the strategies for selling now with full-time, top Virtual Assistant talent that is up to 70% less than the cost of a traditional employee. It starts with a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

The math is simple with an enormous ROI. You can lower your costs, reduce overhead, and leverage remote work for your business. Your business will be advantageous for fostering a Blended Business Model with part of the organization working in-house and another part working virtually. It all starts with a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

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Overcome Today’s Challenges with Your Improved Virtual Game

At a crossroads in today’s market, it’s important to know how to rethink your business strategy to adapt to this digital world. Meanwhile, connectivity is at the palms of your hands, and this is changing almost everything about the way people interact, make purchases, and exist.

Thrive with MyOutDesk, your partner in the remote workplace with over 15 years of experience serving 7500 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 million as the highest-rated virtual assistant company with more than 800 verified 5-star business reviews.

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