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Delegate the repetitive & productive tasks in your cannabis & legal marijuana business to a virtual assistant & watch your business outperform your competition with MyOutDesk—we have over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients with more than 600 verified 5-star business reviews, across the US!


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Administrative Virtual Assistant

Administrative Virtual Assistants

Let our Virtual Assistants handle your routine administrative tasks like CRM management, email & calendar management, basic administrative support, listing support, phone answering & reception, bookkeeping, and so much more!

Inside Sales Agent


Hire an experienced & trained Virtual Receptionist that not only answers calls, creates orders, & responds to customer inquiries, but they do it the way you would, with all the professionalism & courtesy you’d expect from anyone on your staff.

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants

Our Marketing Virtual Assistants can tackle your online marketing, social media, collateral development, video editing & production, graphic design & layout, and more — professionally delivered by your virtual assistant to make your brand stand out.

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Customer Service

Our Customer Service virtual assistants are trained to handle all of your customer inquirie to ensure that your customers are fully satisfied! We take pride in delivering the highest quality virtual assistants, letting you rapidly scale to meet demand.

How Cannabis Businesses
Gain Market Share

Not only can a Virtual Assistant help you, but the ENTIRE cannabis business team.

Your Cannabis Business Virtual Assistant can take on:

  • As the go-to administrative support assistant
  • As the default note-taker for all business meetings
  • Compiling all reports (KPIs, sales, customer demographics, employee performance)
  • Helping + organizing all managers
  • All digital marketing, flyers, templates, website maintenance, blogs, & ads
  • Fulfillment, logistics, & customer service

Schedule A Business Strategy Session

Request a free consultation & learn how MyOutDesk can save you time & money!

Schedule A Business Strategy Session

Request a free consultation & learn how MyOutDesk can save you time & money!

The Highest Quality Virtual Assistants

Here are the trends: The legal cannabis industry is reported at 78% growth, year-by-year.

  • Marijuana retail is an “essential service” in many states (great for prolonged shelter-in-place orders)
  • Marijuana has inelastic demand (thus the business is recession-proof)
  • Weed delivery is at high demand, seeing a 65% percent spike in March 2020 alone.

MyOutDesk has hundreds of amazing reviews from business professionals describing our attention to detail & focus on quality. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best when it comes to virtual assistants, and we work hard to ensure all our customers have the highest levels of satisfaction.

MyOutDesk deploys a stringent talent-matching process for our hiring. In fact, out of over 150 applications per day, only 2.2% are hired and endorsed to clients like yourself. We do an FBI-grade background check, along with other important, preliminary profiling as well.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, we ensure that they possess the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise and Experience—making them a great fit for you and your business. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction, and we’re determined to make sure you get the absolute best fit possible!

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Save time, save money and grow your business when you hire a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant  — schedule your free 1-on-1 consultation with our experts for planning a scale and growth strategy for your business and you’ll get our International Bestselling book: “Scaling your Business”, our complete collection of 20+ proven business strategy guides, plus an exclusive membership to our MOD Mastermind (monthly mastermind discussion with CEOs and Entrepreneurs), and so much more!

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MyOutDesk is your partner in the remote workplace with over 13 years of experience serving 6,000 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 Million Dollars as the highest-rated Virtual Assistant company with more than 600 verified 5-star business reviews, 

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