MyOutDesk VA’s Can Do Almost Everything (Kristan Cole)

By: Abby | Updated: January 8, 2020

Kristan leads one of the biggest teams in Alaska and has teams all over the country, AND she hired MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants 9 years ago. In her words, “MyOutDesk VA’s can do almost everything.”

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The best word to describe Kristan Cole’s career: growth. Growth has been the key to her thirty years of real estate success, a track record of achievement that culminated in Kristan being selected as the Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion for Keller Williams Realty.

Kristan leads an extremely active life, and her schedule can get hectic. However, one thing that allows her to be such a force is that she knows that her team has things under control. She never has to worry about the operations in her business because she has a fantastic team that has the systems and processes down to, but she knows they have her back.

She has been with MyOutDesk for nine years strong, and her team of Virtual Assistants have become loyal and reliable business partners and are essential to her business’ success. Because she knows she has this kick-butt team, she can focus on using her talent to grow her own business and share her knowledge and expertise to help other Real Estate professionals grow theirs.

Kristan says she cannot think of anything her Virtual Assistants CAN’T do except show properties themselves.

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