The Inside Scoop On KW Command With Zach Younger

That’s right folks! We’re so excited to share our conversation with Zach Younger of Keller Williams, because he is giving us the skinny on KW Command! This is only the first in a series, so be sure to catch this one and stay tuned for everything that’s coming up next!

Zach is a Keller Williams Technology Ambassador. His passion for education and communication shines in the classroom where he uses a collaborative technique to find and develop your strengths. Zach understands how to develop individual skills and embraces the BOLD Law: Your Business Grows to the Extent That You Do.

KW command is Keller William’s new and upcoming tool. Their goal is to introduce a comprehensive system for your business that will take care of everything from end to end. We’re not just talking about a CRM, we’re talking about a system that can potentially take over all your business processes so that your team and you can focus on the person to person interactions to build relationships that will boost business.

What is KW Command? According to their website; Keller Williams is well on its way to achieving an end-to-end platform through the Keller Cloud, a comprehensive and intelligent foundation with interconnected products and experiences built on top. And Kelle, your AI virtual assistant, helps you access it all while on the go. One specific product you have likely heard a lot about is KWCommand.

Shaped from the models of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Command is your comprehensive operating system of the future. It allows you to optimize, manage, and run your business with unprecedented simplicity and insight. Command is essentially the dashboard to Keller Cloud that will end all dashboards. It is the centralized environment for everything an agent and their team must accomplish during any given day.

According to Zach, Command is a platform within Keller cloud and so Keller Williams set out several years ago to create a single Cloud-based system for Real Estate, the reason they did that is because ultimately, they know that big data and artificial intelligence is changing the real estate industry. The Real Estate industry today is significantly different than the way it’s going to look six months from now.
They believe that the biggest driver of that is data, big data and artificial intelligence and that is why Keller cloud and command were created. They wanted to give their associates and agents at Keller Williams a resource to take advantage of big data in artificial intelligence, so that they can communicate with their clients on a one to one basis, using the power of artificial intelligence or AI and big data so that our, our agents can ultimately get to the consumer, where the consumer is.

Everybody talks about AI and how that matters, everybody talks about it because it’s a buzzword, what specifically will kW command do for a brokerage or an agent that is utilizing AI? At Keller Williams, they are very aware that it is already being used in many ways in our day to day lives. For example, look at a service like Netflix. Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence to gather data from the users of this service if you watch a TV show that several other people watch, and they watch something else, Netflix uses that data to suggest that show to you based on the similarity of your behavior on their site as other users. Artificial intelligence helps Netflix curate specific content for you creating a personalized experience. This is done through big data.

The command platform seeks to create a similar, personalized and curated experience. There will be an agent facing platform and the consumer experience. If a user searches through homes in their neighborhood because their next door neighbor sold their house, Kelle (Kelly), KW’s AI Assistant can help make predictions and will pull up results that will help the consumer asses the value of their own home. If the same user suddenly pulls up a search for a neighborhood in a different City or State, Kelle can use the data from previous searches to try and present a curated experience that predicts from past searches. KW aims to provide the service for all parties involved, both agents and home buyers/sellers, etc., In order to create a one-stop shop, convenient and personalized experience.

This is only a sneak peek into this enlightening conversation with Zach, so be sure to watch the entire video below, if you do, you will also get an awesome freebie that Zach gave us in order to help you get your business ready for KWCommand. We are giving away the KW Command Contacts Import CSV and A Guide to Command PDF. Don’t miss it!

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