Are virtual assistants the future of customer service?

One of the most important things to consider is that you have to provide excellent customer service, and not just put support staff in a box. It’s harder to do, but it’s worth it! 

By using modern technology such as online chat services integrated into websites (and apps) businesses can provide round-the-clock support wherever they need it without having any physical presence at all – hence “remote” workers!

Are virtual assistants the future of customer service?

What it really boils down to is that virtual assistants are, as expected, the future of customer service. 

Virtual assistants are an efficient & sustainable way to boost your business! Also, by using virtual assistants, you can save money on office space, utilities and other overheads – which means more profit for your business.

A few things that might be useful to know are:

  • Reputable virtual assistants providers, such as MyOutDesk, provide speedy and concise talent search. This is great if your company only has surged in demand.
  • Your virtual assistant can be accessed from anywhere, so they can take care of customers in many different service areas. This is great for businesses that want to expand and reach new markets.
  • Virtual assistants don’t have to commute and they can work as late or early as you want – which is great for companies that need flexibility.

Is remote work or in-office work better?

There is a bit of a debate on whether remote workers or in-office workers are better for the workplace. You can see both sides of the coin.

Employees who work remotely tend to be more productive and are able to complete their tasks on time. Also, they can easily take a break and get some fresh air by going out for a walk.

However, this does not mean remote workers never slack off as it is easy for them to lose focus due to the lack of physical presence of their colleagues in the office.

On the other hand, in-office workers have to deal with more disruptions, distracting colleagues, noise, and traffic. However, they also get to work within a good office environment that encourages them to complete their tasks.

Given the pros and cons, both remote workers and in-office workers should be equally valued. The question employers need to ask themselves is whether they want their employees to work from home or in the office as it all depends on how the company wants itself to grow.

Both remote workers and in-office workers are equally good because they can help companies grow their business. When work can be done outside of the office, this can save tremendous overhead and increase efficiency, This is why remote workers would be the future of customer service.

Customer service trends in the 2020s

If we look at the past, we can see that outsourcing has been a part of our history for hundreds or thousands of years. In fact, it is hard to find any industry in which outsourcing hasn’t already played a large role.

In today’s world, it is impossible for a company or country to do everything itself. Therefore, outsourcing will continue to be an important part of the economy in the 2020s and beyond.

Also, if a business can outsource an operation for $10 cents an hour, that is better than doing the same task in-house. In addition to increasing headcount for higher demand, virtual assistants allow you to increase your hours of availability for customer service response. We’re capable of providing 24×7 coverage for your team, ensuring that you don’t miss valuable inquiries regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

Here’s what Customer Service Outsourcing can do for you:

  • Administrative Support

    Perform a variety of administrative tasks for you such as screen incoming calls & emails, manage calendars, run reports, update CRM, and assist with customer training & education, issue resolution & prompt customer response.

  • Manage Scheduling

    Manage scheduling for customer installations, upgrades, start and/or end dates for account services, and upcoming escalation calls as required. They will assist you with maintaining your schedule and keeping your customer service on track.

  • Manage Communications

    Effectively function as a communications liaison and go-between to ensure that customer communications for are rapidly responded to, escalated to the correct stakeholder as required & taken is action in a timely manner!

  • Manage Trouble Tickets

    Create, update, escalate and/or resolve trouble tickets in your CRM for customer-related issues, and work with the appropriate staff on your team to ensure prompt response, expedite successful resolution & ensure customer satisfaction.

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MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants will handle the repetitive tasks involved with customer service & support tasks—including handling customer phone, email, SMS & chat inquiries, trouble-ticket management, responding to inquiries about products, processes, & warrantees, and much more.

MyOutDesk customer service outsourcing integrates with your existing methods, processes, and customer service staff to meet and exceed your existing standards while helping you increase overall staffing availability.

In addition, MyOutDesk customer service outsourcing gives you the flexibility to reallocate or reassign valuable personnel within your organization without losing your capacity to take & respond to inquiries, for a fraction of what you’d pay for in-house staff.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a faster turnaround on customer inquiries or more flexible working hours, customer service outsourcing to a MyOutDesk virtual assistant will help you achieve your short- and long-term business goals.

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