It’s true. This year there are many business owners (CEOs, entrepreneurs, agents, and brokers) who are having their best year EVER. Are you?  


In this information-packed session with bestselling author Michael J. Maher, you’ll learn real examples and get answers to:

  • How successful businesses adapted since the lock down
  • Why they are experiencing such dramatic growth
  • What they are exactly doing to grow their business
    (Systems, processes, operational structure)

Find out how it’s time for you to shine!


2020 has been crazy, but don’t focus or study what’s wrong and what’s bad! Focus on SUCCESS!




S – Structure

U – Take Care of U (You)

C – Clarity

C – Communication

E – Energy

S – Service

S – Strategy





S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Structure!


The structure is the key. Create structure! You are your own boss as an entrepreneur, but naturally, we are reactive and not proactive. Time blocking makes you more proactive!

Success is not 180 degrees … it’s a 1% tweak! Take things one step at a time to drive you to success. Don’t join the marathon right away, get up, jog, train, and THEN do the marathon! Tomorrow, block off 1 hour for anything you want to do, even if it’s to do nothing! JUST STICK TO IT!


Try to block off 1 hour for 4 days — put it on your phone. Put it on your notes. It increases the integrity of your time. Not only keeping promises to others but keeping promises to yourself too! Be accountable to yourself.


If you don’t have structure, you’d end up with chaos!


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Take care of U (You)!

Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time too! Set and follow asleep and wake up time. There are lots of issues now with social isolation that affects mental health > very hard this year, 2020 has made this truly challenging


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Clarity!

FOCUS. Finish One Challenge Until Success! FOCUS IS THE KEY! Those that are having the best year ever are people who have focus.


1) Where is our biggest opportunity right now? Is it live events—maybe not! Maybe your opportunity is somewhere else!

2) What is your biggest challenge right now?

3) Where do I have momentum? 

4) Where is the one thing such that by doing it, everything else is easier or unnecessary?


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Communication!

We all need to communicate more, and BETTER! Call your clients and ask how they’re coping. The difference with more business is more conversations. Create more conversations and this will generate more momentum. Call and add value, call because you care (or act like you care, because eventually, you WILL care)!  JUST BE HUMAN!


For more information, check out Michael Maher’s (7L)s


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Communication!

We only have so much energy … while some people waste energy! We are all looking for a bigger energy window. How? Sleep = energy! If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t have enough energy the next day. Find your energy window, put your best tasks in that energy window. Manage your time and tasks in those windows to maximize! Time block important things to your energy windows


S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Serve!

Seek to serve and not to sell. If you seek to serve and not sell, you will end up selling even more! Serve to deserve! “De-serve” means to be of service to deserve!



Be strategic + be purposeful. LEVERAGE is the first thing to look at for strategy!

Busy people need leverage as a strategic pillar.


Remember: The WHO is not YOU! If you don’t have an assistant, you ARE the assistant. You need to have an assistant, you have a limited amount of time, you have a limited amount of energy. Leverage someone else to supplement that and be more efficient!


Leverage Systems — A system can be a simple checklist > how easy is this to hand over? If it’s elsewhere than your head, it’s a system that anyone can do.


Tools and Technology — Leverage your phone, leverage your computer, your calendar, your task management software > Make sure your technology works for you and maximize it!


Leverage people, leverage systems, and leverage tools!


Let’s review: SUCCESS

S – Structure

U – Take Care of U (You)

C – Clarity

C – Communication

E – Energy

S – Service

S – Strategy

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