Recognized by Inman News and numerous real estate organizations as one of the top 25 U.S. real estate coaches, Dr. Lee Davenport is a nationally-respected real estate educator, celebrated author, and blogger (with features in Inman News, Realtor Magazine, and Huffington Post to name a few). She trains real estate agents and brokerages on how to work smarter with technology.

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MyOutDesk Founder & CEO Daniel Ramsey sits with Dr. Lee Davenport for a special interview. A short backstory –– During the recession in 2007-2008, Dr. Lee went against the flow and chose Facebook as her main mode of social media marketing, instead of the popular site Myspace at the time. This move boosted her business so much that she had to build a team later in the year just to keep up with demand and sales.


Disruptions Are Catalysts


Daniel & Dr. Lee discuss how to take the mentality of disruptions and turn them into catalysts, bringing things back full circle. At times, buyers will not want to keep paying for your service. What you provide to them might be threatened & interrupted, while customers attempt to build DIYs to replace the service. This concept is not sustainable — and eventually, buyers will realize again that they need someone who has expertise.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has people with no choice but to adapt to virtual work and use more video.


4 Laws of Follow-up

Universal and evergreen rules for any business at any industry


#1 – Offer Items of Value

Having something to give. It can be a link, a download, an article, as long as its an item of value in every piece of communication. You can have only one item of value — but you can keep repurposing it!

Pull snippets & excerpts, small chunks that make people know that you are an expert. It’s truly an item of value when people take your material and say, “Tell me more!”


#2 – Automate What You Can

You don’t have to go crazy and keep repurposing the materials from the #1 rule manually. Automate texts, website posts, video content to provide, emails, and social posts. Remember, relationships can’t be automated, so the initial steps to nurturing can be automated before the sale.

If you are not automating, then you’re being inefficient. If you’re working solo and you’re not automating, then you’re more than likely to let things slip through the cracks.


#3 – Give away & Remove Your Inefficiencies

If it’s a poor use of your time, get rid of it and give it away. Don’t be afraid to invest time in training. Think how much time you can save by removing inefficient work.

Tune in to Daniel & Dr.Lee to explain more about this important rule!


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#4 – Be A Time Block Blocker!

Block time to save yourself time. Guard your precious time against interruptions that keep you from focusing, and be ruthless about it! This will keep doing what you’re best at, so you can produce the best dollar-productive results. So, if you’re a salesperson, just use your time to sell! The rest of the work can be managed by those who are good at those tasks! (Virtual assistants are key!)


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Did You Know?  MyOutDesk’s origin story is set during the last global financial crisis of 2008. Yes, that’s right — our business started by scaling businesses with virtual assistants during a recession! Our first client in 2008 went from five to seventeen VPs with a completely revamped organizational model in short order, and he told MyOutDesk, “Our virtual professionals have shaved $250,000 off our monthly overhead.”