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Mailchimp and a Virtual Assistant: 5 Ways They Can Help

Virtual assistants can help real estate agents improve their email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp. They can handle tasks such as list management, campaign creation, graphic design, content writing, and analysis, freeing up agents to focus on growing their business.

Dan Trujillo
Mailchimp and a Virtual Assistant Email Marketing

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Are you tired of managing your Mailchimp account on your own? Here’s why you need a virtual assistant to help you out in 2021.

Mailchimp and a Virtual Assistant: 5 Ways They Can Help

In today’s market, improving productivity is key to staying competitive. One way you to do this is through automation.

One aspect of your business you can automate is email marketing. Growing your email list and connecting with clients and customers is essential in building your business. While Mailchimp is an excellent and easy-to-use service, you can maximize it by using a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant has the expertise to handle the tasks you delegate. As an executive or professional, you can have more use of your time other than handling your growing volume of mail. Read on to discover how a virtual assistant can help you.

1. A Virtual Assistant Can Manage Email Flow

Virtual assistants have a deep understanding of email marketing software. As such, they can plan content and tasks and integrate the systems. Virtual assistants can make big improvements to the processes.

Assistants can plan the email sequence for launch campaigns. Virtual assistants can test email delivery and impact. They can also track the interactions made with emails.

They can also upload email addresses and other details, saving you from manually updating your database.

2. Creating Templates

A good email template is crucial to make a great impression on your contacts. Virtual assistants have enough know-how to choose the right communication format across platforms. This means you can source attractive and relatable templates from your virtual assistant.

They’re also capable of crafting the most appropriate messages. Those with copywriting capabilities can align their text with your brand and strategy. If you want to spice up your mail with visuals, virtual assistants can create simple and attractive graphics to break up blocks of text.

3. Automated Mail

With virtual assistants, you can delegate tedious email marketing tasks and shorten your work. This can include purchase follow-ups, surveys, or welcome series.

They can set up email schedules that incorporate the timelines and criteria of your business. Automating your email marketing alone means a big improvement in productivity. You can devote your expertise, effort, and time to other tasks.

4. Handle Supportive Tasks

You don’t need to worry about how to use Mailchimp if you have a virtual assistant. They handle everything from start to finish, including the project management space and making edits. This can include proofreading newsletter texts from clients and making corrections.

Other tasks a virtual assistant can handle include helping in the assessment of newsletter design. Assistants consider aspects like headings, bullets, spacing, and sourcing images and links.

Another benefit is covering product promotions, events, and services. Virtual assistants can make tests and automate the forwarding of mail.

5. Give Performance Reports

When you use virtual assistants, they’ll have access to every aspect of the email marketing campaign. This means they can extract important data and give you insight.

Besides tracking email engagements, they can provide analysis as well. This can help you with optimizing conversion rates and managing your online reputation.

Use a Virtual Assistant With Mailchimp

Virtual assistants are powerful tools. Letting them handle your Mailchimp email service can do wonders for improving productivity. They can be the key to boosting your business’ performance.

If you want to know more about how a virtual assistant can work for your business, contact us today! We can walk you through the process of optimizing your business.

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