Would you like the operations of your team to operate more effectively, flow more smoothly, and generate more revenue? If your answer is YES, then you have to watch this webinar! Our guest is Christy Belt Grossman, CEO, and owner of Ops Boss Coaching, and she’s discussing “The Office of The Future Is NOW – How To Build It Like A Boss” – and when you build it, use MyOutDesk Virtual assistants!

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The office of the future is where each member of your team is optimizing their role in your business and contributing to your bottom line. For example, in the past, it was easy to view agents as the income producers on a real estate team, but as the market becomes more competitive, the operations side of the house needs to really step up. Every contributor’s needs are profit-focused in today’s team and take an outcome-based approach to boost the bottom line.

In this compelling webinar event, Christy & MyOutDesk founder & CEO Daniel Ramsey drill down on the insider strategies & techniques her firm uses to help real estate clients streamline their operations, grow their business, and reduce cost & inefficiency. Learn how to structure your team to get more out of it and avoid the common pitfalls that limit the growth potential of so many real estate teams!

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • How to streamline operations to reduce costs & boost production
  • How an operations team should generate 3x+ their salary
  • 5 things that every real estate team should know about an ops boss
  • How to hire and retain the right operations talent
  • How to project operations Return on Investment
  • Key metrics you can use to measure your Ops Team

We will also be giving away helpful new tools from Ops Boss to assist you in streamlining your operations, increasing revenue, and implementing leverage in your real estate business.