Today we’re going to talk about what a CEO should be focused on RIGHT NOW, including what small and medium-sized businesses need to do today, in order to survive this uncertain time.

Daniel Ramsey interviews Lee Yarborough, President of Propel HR, a Human Resources Outsourcing company & Professional Employer Organization which we call PEO.

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These leaders share:
  • The main concerns for employees right now
  • Experiences of a remote work company of 15 years & 7500 clients (MyOutDesk)
  • Difference between furlough, termination, and layoffs
  • 3 steps to checking in on company health: understand financial implications, keep a pulse on customers/clients, frequent manager meetings on the state of business

Propel HR manages the HR needs of other companies with services such as Payroll Processing, Time & Labor Management, HR Expert Consultation, Workers’ Compensation, Benefits Administration, Financial and Retirement Solutions, and Assistance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Thrive with MyOutDesk, your partner in the remote workplace serving 7500 clients. Last year, we saved our clients $55 million as the highest-rated virtual assistant company with more than 800 verified 5-star business reviews.

How are you preparing your real estate business for a recession?
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Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation

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Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation