It’s no secret that commercial real estate is extremely affected by COVID-19. For Commercial Brokers who want to stay productive and thriving, this is the ultimate guide + webinar covering how to:

  • Identify all considerations in a disaster scenario
  • Prevent productivity loss
  • Focus on eliminating the potential financial impact
  • Maintain high-quality customer service
  • Perform your civic duty

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Broker experts, MyOutDesk CEO Daniel Ramsey & The National Commercial Real Estate Association (NCREA) Founder & Senior Instructor Michel Simpson, show you how to stay productive, save your business & effectively transition to a fully remote workplace. 


The question is: Where do we go from here?

“A lot of this will stick — but not all of it.” We tap into the mind of Peter Schwartz,  a renowned futurist and has projections for what a post-pandemic workplace might look like. He is also Chief Future Officer at Salesforce and a member of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s newly formed California Future of Work Commission. 

This current paradigm shift also affects infrastructure. Schwartz predicts offices will be reconfigured into conversation lounges, not individual desks, and instead of owning large buildings to house scads of employees, businesses will start renting flexible workspace through coworking companies like WeWork to support a smaller footprint for day-to-day operations”

“I think this is going to change the nature of the office,” Schwartz says. “It’s going to be a place where we come together, not where we do work. The reason people want to go to an office is to be with other people — we’re naturally gregarious animals. Informal communications don’t happen when working alone via electronic means.”


Broker’s Strategy: Play – Pause – Do >>

Daniel advises all brokers to do what you need to do WHILE recording your screen, recording your actions, and then talk through it while you do it (How, What, & Why). With this level of documentation, you can PASS that over to your virtual assistant or staff to follow and reference. If you need help or want to explore some ideas, book a Schedule free Strategy Call today.


4 Actions You Must Do:

Most businesses don’t have an understanding of where they fall in these revenue scenarios.

List – Sell – Negotiate – Showing/Prospect — These 4 are your high-dollar producing activities.


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Free GoRemote Guide + Thrive Guide +
Bestselling Business Strategy Book: “Scaling with MOD Virtual Professionals”
+ Strategy Consultation