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Reduce tasks like hiring and onboarding new employees, fielding pay and benefits questions, answering calls, and other administrative tasks and focus on business growth with MyOutDesk’s HR outsourcing services. Hire a skilled virtual HR assistant today.

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What is HR Outsourcing?

Human resources outsourcing (HRO) allow companies to cut costs, access specialized expertise, and focus on their core business strengths by outsourcing HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, recruiting, and training.

Outsourcing your HR team can help fill gaps in the following roles:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Recruiting Specialist
  • Profile Coordinator
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Client Experience & Onboarding Support
  • Benefits Administration

Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR team

  • Relieve your team from administrative tasks such as collection & accounting, billing, payables and receivables follow-up, office operations & tasks, general administrative work.
  • Streamline your hiring process with an expert who specializes in processing incoming leads quickly and efficiently, screening applicant eligibility, gathering required documents for processing, assisting with Skills Checklist or similar requirements, providing department function support with necessary profiles and preliminary data.
  • Save time and money on recruiting employees with a VA who can support, assist, and backup in-house or local recruiters and managers, prioritize recruiter and manage open positions, schedules and job vacancies, assist in acceptance and rejection processes, contact applicants and do follow-ups
  • Improve your onboarding process relating to tasks such as client information collection and data entry, data and document compliance with recruited individuals and clients, work with vendors, payrolls, plan transfers, support in client presentations and website demonstrations.
  • Boost marketing efforts to reach more potential leads with LinkedIn lead hunting and campaigns, managing ad campaigns & social accounts, updating social media pages, web updates, news & article sharing.

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Outsource Your HR Tasks With A Qualified Virtual Assistant

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Administrative Support

A virtual administrative assistant can take off all the busywork from you and your local team with excellent support with collection and accounting, billing, and bookkeeping. They can also help with general office operations and tasks, answering and reception, payroll, general administrative work, email and calendar management, CRM and database data entry and so much more.

Recruiting Specialist

A virtual recruiting specialist can support, assist and serve as backup for your in-house and local recruiters and managers—effectively helping them with warm and cold calling, screening, pre-qualification, scheduling, and applicant prioritization when they handle processing for open positions. Our virtual recruiting specialists can also help out with package presentations, acceptance and rejection processes, and applicant contact, follow-up  & nurturing — improving your overall recruitment process.

Profile Coordinator

A virtual profile coordinator can help you and your local team with processing incoming applicant leads quickly and efficiently, making sure that all applicants are screened for eligibility and meets all requirements set by your clients. They can also assist in gathering and following up on applicants’ documents and skills checklists. They serve as the perfect department support in gathering necessary profiles and preliminary data for your recruiters and managers.

Expert Marketing Assistant

Marketing virtual assistants can bring your recruitment, HR, PEO and ASO to new heights—have them handle your social media, your important LinkedIn lead hunting and campaigns, ads and more! We can also keep your socials and your website active with content creation, collateral development, video editing & production, graphic design & layout, news and article sharing, and even real-time monitoring—making sure that any inquiries that come in through these channels are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Client Experience & Onboarding Support

Our client experience & onboarding support virtual assistants are your go-to-persons for all of your client concerns, inquiries and onboarding needs to ensure that all your clients are fully satisfied! We can help you with client information collection and data entry, data and document compliance, work with your vendors, support plan transfers, and even help you and your team out with client presentations and demonstrations.

The Highest Quality HR Outsourcing

MyOutDesk has hundreds of amazing reviews from industry professionals describing our attention to detail & focus on quality. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best when it comes to HR outsourcing & virtual assistant services, and we work hard to ensure all our customers have the highest levels of satisfaction.

MyOutDesk deploys a stringent talent-matching process for our hiring. In fact, out of over 150 applications per day, only 2.2% are hired and endorsed to clients like yourself. We do an FBI-grade background check, along with other important, preliminary profiling as well.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, we ensure that they possess the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise and Experience—making them a great fit for you and your business. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction, and we’re determined to make sure you get the absolute best fit possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing some HR functions can often reduce costs for any business. By doing so, a company can reduce or eliminate the expense of hiring and training in-house HR staff, as well as the costs associated with maintaining an entire HR department, such as salaries, benefits, insurance, and office space.

There are several HR functions that companies can consider outsourcing. A few examples include recruitment and onboarding, training, and professional development, compliance tracking, performance management, and even overall employee relations. Such as processing feedback, complaints, mediation, and other interpersonal obstacles.

Just about any company can make beneficial use of outsourcing some aspects of their HR. It ultimately depends on the specific company’s details, vision, and expectations. Common factors that can lead to a company outsourcing HR include; experiencing rapid growth, small budgets for small companies, more internal focus on the core business, and simply the need to reduce costs where possible.

Yes, and this practice is often called “co-sourcing” or “hybrid outsourcing”. Doing so can be a compliment to your in-house HR team; improving their efficiency and success rate, and reducing their workload. In-house experts can focus on their expertise and internal strategy, while the outsourced HR staff handles administrative tasks.